Sunday, May 28, 2023

good morning jeremy


George wasn't invited.

The war in Iraq was toxic with voters.

Then there was Katrina.

Reagan economics

with a thousand points of light.

Globalization came down hard on the middle class

families dependent on Made in the U.S.A.

Car repossessed.  Home foreclosed.

Higher education deferred.

He ditched his Maverick label.

As presumptive presidential nominee 

McCain needed unity behind his leadership.

But to powerful conservatives he remained

unsteady and unreliable.

Colluding with the enemy.

Here's McCain huddling with Wisconsin Democrat

Russ Feingold to get campaign finance reform

through the Senate.  The Arizona Senator also

worked with Ted Kennedy to legislate a path

to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

McCain says "close it down".

Senator McCain was an early and frequent critic 

of the Bush Administration's handling of the Iraq War.

Despite his misgivings McCain remained firmly convinced

the reasons for the war were right. 

Economic Guru.

Lower taxes.  Balance the budget.  Deregulate business.

Mitt Romney was a small government conservative.

A conservative's conservative.  Talk show hosts 

and Fox News anchors preferred Romney to McCain.

9/11 on everyone's mind.

Security and military preparedness 

emphasized terrorism as the nation's

number one threat.

America's Mayor folds in Florida.

New York Mayor Giuliani had the early lead

among candidates for the 2008 Republican

Presidential Nomination.  It was a mirage.

His prochoice stance on abortion was

reason enough to nix his prospects.

Jobs.  Culture.  Security.

Like globalization much of the Republican elite

were blind to the anger over immigration that

was rising among the Party's base.

Baptist minister wins Iowa.

A large turnout of evangelicals at the state's

Republican caucus made the difference 

in the former Arkansas Governor's defeat

of Mitt Romney.

"Hillary's more conservative than McCain."

Always the provocateur Ann Coulter

knew the soft spot in John McCain's support.  

Star energy and charisma.

John McCain wanted former Democrat Senator

Joe Lieberman as his running mate.  However,

picking Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin brought

disgruntled conservatives back into the 

Republican fold.



©  Tom Taylor


Sunday, May 7, 2023

good morning jack


Grand Central Station, New York City

It was a fire sale at the Penn Central Railroad.  People had turned from three days travel by train to one day flight on the plane to get them from here to there.  Penn Central's owners declared bankruptcy.  Prestige locations such as their terminal in New York and its once swank Commodore Hotel were up for bid.

Penn Central rail yard in Manhattan

What developers most prized was the railroad's massive freight yard smack dab in the middle of Manhattan, prime real estate adjacent to the city's theater district, skyscrapers and toney Riverside Drive.

Donald Trump with Mayor Koch and Governor Cary

A brash young graduate of the Wharton School at Penn State showed up to join in on the big stakes bidding.  Donald Trump soon realized he wasn't going anywhere unless he learned to be nice to the local politicians.

Friedrich Trump immigrated from Germany in 1903

Among those leaving Germany for America was a barber named Friedrich.  He was fleeing a mandatory military draft.  Friedrich Trump felt all these wars were barbaric.  Shrewd investments around Coney Island enabled him to leave his children a half million dollars.

Fred Trump made his fortune building apartments

Fred Trump was a self made man.  He was tough on his kids because he knew what it would take for his sons to match his standard for success.

Roy Cohn was Senator McCarthy's legal advisor

Donald Trump's mentor, Roy Cohn, was instrumental in convicting Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as spies and had them executed as traitors.  Wisconsin's senator, Joe McCarthy, used Cohn's talents in unearthing America's Communists.


Ivana with cosmetics founder Estee Lauder 

Ivana Trump knew how to match wits with her husband, Donald.  She saw herself as a vital partner in their business enterprise.  

Roy Cohn advised Trump to write up a 'gold digger' prenuptial for his own self preservation.

Trump Tower

      Here's Donald Trump validating himself before his dad.   

     "I will see your business prowess and raise you with world class style."

Mayor Koch with Bella Abzug and Jimmy Carter

It took years to get anything done when up against the old boy politics of city hall.  Reformists don't appreciate your attitude.  So now you're left to kowtow and dance about while handing out gifts and flatteries for all the gathered grifters.

Union leader John Cody could close you down

If Teamster John Cody feels slighted you get your jobsite shut down.  And Mr. Cody is a sensitive guy.  We're on Strike!  

Then there's the Mob - the Five Families of NYC.  No matter what business you do here, you do business with organized crime.

Two part article on Trump runs in 1979

It didn't take long before the media began to notice Donald Trump.  He's young, successful, brash.  He's a rare businessman flamboyant enough for most any tabloid.



©  Tom Taylor