Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seducing the Dream

Letter to my daughter, Jessicca
Blue, Green and Brown
Mark Rothko
C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E

Picture:  568 x 700 - Painting Here

We’re always thinking, aren’t we?  We’re thinking about most everything that has to do with our life.  Often our thoughts are about another person.  We muse on something about them we like or we replay in our mind something they do that aggravates us.  We shop.  We think we are shopping for something to wear but I believe we are shopping for experience.  What a wealth of input shopping is.  Imagine being in this.  Imagine being in this with that along side it.  What about this over here with it – which is better?  Who do I want to see me in it?  What would they like better?  Where will we eat when I wear this?  What’s more important, food or atmosphere?  Do I have to decide?

A really good movie gives us the opportunity to lose ourselves.  We might momentarily forget who we are.  We can become that absorbed in what is happening to others, maybe.  Most likely though we are identifying ourselves with someone on the screen.  Is that how I would react?  I know how that person feels.  I feel just terrible.  Oh, I’m relieved.  I’m so happy how that worked out.  I’m drained.  I’m happy.  Let’s get something tasty to eat.

That’s us.  That is our mind constantly talking to itself.  Only when we sleep does the chatter slow down.  Who knows what is happening most of that time.  Occasionally a dream slips into our consciousness.  They relate stories to us we rarely think about otherwise and, sometimes, wouldn’t dare to think of when we are awake.  They can seem confused.  Is this how other animals think?  It is startling to know we harbor such thoughts.  It’s probably good these thoughts come to us only when our body is at rest.  Were we to think this way awake we might find ourselves locked up.  These are not thoughts of conscious reality.  Why do we think them?  What is their meaning?  Can my conscious state ever converse with my unconscious thoughts? 

What is in a color?  Is there held within it information other than a stimulus that triggers the eye’s message to our mind?  No, it’s just a color.  It has no story of its own.  Here is a name – Mark Rothko.  He paints.  He paints stories.  These stories have no form of their own.  He provides what appears to be a simple field of color.  Were you to see a canvas of his at a gallery you might quickly walk on by and view something more interesting, a picture that appears to have something to say to you, a particular story or viewpoint to convey.  That’s too bad, really.  Look at Rothko’s Blue, Green and Brown.  It isn’t meant to be placed among a variety of distractions.  Place yourself in a darkened room, alone.  At one end of the room is the only source of light and it is softly focused on Rothko’s field of paint.  There still isn’t anything there, is there?  Be patient.  Have a seat.  Make yourself comfortable.  Watch the painting.  Relax.  Let go of thoughts about lunch and shirts and footwear and Saturday’s date.  Watch the brush of color.  It isn’t a simple field, is it?  It’s really quite complex, but not in a way that involves you solving something.  It’s something different.  It is very sensual.  It’s an intrigue.  It is meant to be a seduction.  Let it happen.  It’s coaxing from you thoughts, loosely joined, unfamiliar…  thoughts that slip into your mind’s view, ready or not.  What are these thoughts revealed to you in this stillness?  I wouldn’t know.  They are yours, alone.  I would have mine.  Rothko has his.  There is a story within his palette, after all.  It is the one supplied by you.  Our minds have a fondness for stories.  Strange how it is a floating color can bring them out. 


Friday, February 24, 2012

Cars of 1963

American Cars
C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E

  • Sales Position:     1
  • Total Production:  2,237,201
  • No more corporate sponsored racing

Picture:  598 x 342 - Remarkable Cars

  • Full size Chevrolet gets a new look for 1963 - more slab sided
  • Impala Sports Coupe (above) starts at $2772
  • 283 V8 standard on the Impala

Picture:  770 x 488 - Classy Auto

  • The Chevrolet Bel Air is no longer offered as a hard top

Picture:  400 x 300 - Fleming's Ultimate Garage

Picture:  1000 x 600 - Remarkable Cars

Picture:  640 x 480 - Just Car Sites

Chevrolet offered three different convertibles - in order above:
  • Impala
  • Chevy II
  • Corvair Spyder

Picture:  460 x 345 - Vette

Picture:  4064 x 2704 at 300 dpi - Automobile

Corvette Sting Ray
  • Birth of the Sting Ray
  • Chief Designer:  Bill Mitchell
  • Cost:  convertible - $4037          coupe - $4252
  • Sales:  21,513 - up 48%
  • European style independent rear suspension
  • fiberglass body
  • split rear window - one year only
  • no exterior trunk lid - access through interior
  • 98 inch wheelbase - down 4 inches

More '63 Chevy
Picture:  750 x 563 - Super Chevy

  • Sales Position:      2
  • Total Production:  1,525,404
  • Biggest sales year since 1957
  • Chevrolet still widens gap

Picture:  1328 x 497 at 180 dpi - Just Old Cars

Picture:  1024 x 768 - Super Cars

  • Galaxie 500 XL transitions from a Thunderbird roof (Top) to a slantback roof (Above) in midyear
  • 406 V8 bored out to become 427 V8 to compete with Chevy 409
  • Better aerodynamics improve NASCAR performance

Picture:  576 x 480 at 96 dpi - Retro

  • Galaxie Sunliner returns with bucket seats for the XL and bench seat for regular

Picture:  400 x 300 - Street Side Classics

  • The Country Squire (Above) is Ford's top of the line wagon - $3018 Starting Price
  • 2 or 3 rows seating - bucket seats and console optional

Picture:  789 x 474 - Retro

  • Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe - $2504... about $300 more than the base 2 door sedan

Picture:  480 x 261 - Motorbase

  • Falcon Futura now available with V8 and as a 2 door hardtop (above)
  • Falcon Futura 4 door sedan is popular selling 31,376 in 1963

Picture:  600 x 488 at 200 dpi - All Car Central

  • Falcon Sprint is new convertible
  • 164 hp 260 V8
  • stiffer suspension
  • dashtop mounted tachometer

Picture:  640 x 480 - Hot Rod

  • Thunderbird has new grill pattern and creaseline along side of body

Picture:  450 x 300 - Mathews Collection

  • Thunderbird Sports Roadster is $700 more than standard convertible
  • Sales of Roadster plummets two thirds to just 455 vehicles

Thursday, February 23, 2012

1963 Pontiac

1963 Pontiac
General Motors
C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E

For a number of years Pontiac's theme was Wide Track Excitement.  It cost a bit more than your Chevy or Ford but it suggested in return you gained more than a splendid car, you personally became more attractive and alluring.  Driving a car of this magnitude infused you with a spirit of adventure that might not otherwise have been there.
Picture:  4288 x 2848 at 300 dpi - Social Wallpapering

The narrative is romance and carefree getaways, not catastrophic injury, paralysis and death.  If you're the nervous type you can track down someone to install these tangled straps.  Leave it to government to interfere with free enterprise and stifle personal liberty by mandating safety features no one will use anyway.  Personally, I prefer being thrown from the car if I'm in a wreck.  
Picture:  640 x 480 - High Performance Pontiac

I'd think a civilization that produces this for mass market family transportation is feeling pretty confident about itself.  Every September Detroit introduces its new look for the coming year.  Some model's have small changes, others dramatic.  Even a passing interest in changing fashion tips you off to how many years your neighbor has held on to his car.  Sometimes it takes a friend to let him know fins went out with bow ties.
Picture:  1210 x 850 - Hans Tore Tangerud 

Some people dare to have great dreams, others strive to build personal empires and a few succeed in making changes to the basic nature of society itself.  I'd like to watch all of that on a color TV, drive a fabulous car never too old to lose that new car smell and have a beautiful wife to love and admire everything I do.
Picture:  1600 x 1200 - Auto Photo Site

It's just so hard to decide.  I really like the Bonneville with the Cortes Bronze.  Sitting in the driveway it will go great with my oriental landscaping.  But I can't get the Parisienne with Renaissance Burgundy out of my mind.  Of course, I'd have to buy a whole new wardrobe but, honestly,  that's a good thing... what with all the changes I've made recently improving my self image.
Picture:  400 x 512 - Ad Classix

This is why I didn't want the kids chewing gum in the car.  Having it stuck to the seat is bad enough but then Deborah sat on it with her new chiffon dress.  Even the dry cleaner couldn't get it out.  Of course, we wound up missing the party.  You know how her going crazy effects my nerves.  I dropped the Crown Royale and it scattered everywhere to kingdom come.  I can't take anymore weekends like this.
Picture:  640 x 426 - Second Chance Garage

We settled on the Safari because Deb's parents like outings with the kids and Ed Veling worked us a sweet deal on the wagon.  I have to tell you I wasn't crazy about trading in the Impala for something that seats eight but it actually doesn't drive half bad.  I can't decide who's better in the third row, the grandparents or the kids.
Picture:  1600 x 1200 - High Performance Pontiac

I remember the Tempest being a cute little economy car, then Ronnie comes home with this jacked up death machine.  Finally I said, you find a way to buy your own insurance or you can hand me the keys.  I've gotten used to driving it to work and I don't want to give it up.
Picture:  640 x 480 - Hot Rod  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1963 Ford

1963 Ford
Ford Motor Co.
C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E

The Galaxie 500 XL Sunliner is the car you get when things just keep looking better than ever.  It's nowhere but up for you and it's time to let the cat out of the bag... you've arrived!  You're all dressed up and you've definitely got somewhere to go.
Picture:  576 x 480 at 96 dpi - Retro

 The guy first owning this Galaxie, the one on the way to becoming company VP, traded this in for a T-Bird long ago.  Now it belongs to the college kid, one who's handy with the wrenches.  He likes it because he can do all his own mechanical work and doesn't need expensive computer diagnostics.  It's all within easy reach under the hood.
Picture:  640 x 480 - Second Chance Garage

Big trunks set us apart from the foreign wanna be's.  It's when you kept a real, full size tire for a spare in the trunk and still had plenty of room for the kids' bikes, picnic basket, badminton set, short wave radio and eight years worth of Sears catalogs.
Picture:  1600 x 1200 at 180 dpi - Auto Trader Classics  

You spend the big bucks to buy the top of the line Ford - the Galaxie 500.  You get the hard top, the extra nice interior and all the chrome they can tack on it.  Then you settle for generic hubcaps, the kind found on cars issued to people reading water meters.  For the cost of a couple of dinners out you could have had the fancy wheel covers.  Maybe you like being mistaken for the local fire chief.
Picture:  459 x 345 - Mustangs and Fords

Go ahead and put a huge 427 V8 block in this Ford Custom.  I'd spring for duel spotlights, as well.  This car says institutional but its got wheel covers.  This is where you want the hub caps for maximum effect.  Top it off with an Earl Scheib 'Any car, any color' $19.95 Battleship Grey paint job.  Stenciling your name on the doors is highly recommended.
Picture:  3072 x 2304 at 314 dpi - Student Wheels

Maybe you're thinking a full size Ford is just too much car for you.  Maybe parking is an issue and you need something small enough to wedge into what's available.  The Fairlane would be a full-sized car in today's world but it was not quite regulation in the 60s.  I'd definitely think about sprucing this one up so people don't get the wrong idea, like you're downsizing because you're financially handicapped.
Picture:  800 x 536 - Old Parked Cars

This Fairlane is primed for that important first date.  The Floor Shift is definitely a strong statement - your masculine, not a librarian - Naugahyde bucket seats, console, and carpeting.  Let's hope you didn't get the available Inline Six.  Now it's just the small stuff like emptied ashtray, nothing rolling about in back or embarrassing under the seat.  
Picture:  640 x 480 - Mustang and Fords

The Falcon was a popular, American made, economy car of the 60s.  You could get it most any way you wanted, including as a pick up truck - the Ranchero.  The Country Squire is its high end station wagon and this one is loaded with everything available, including Venetian Blinds for the back.  More than anything, though, steering on the right makes it a real collectible.      
Picture:  1280 x 960 - Mad Whips

My problem with cars of this era is that they were often cluttered up with chrome styling gimmicks.  The best thing they did when customizing this car was to strip it of its extraneous chrome attachments.  It's got good lines stamped right into the metal.  This car definitely supports the principle that less is really more.
Picture:  640 x 480 - Mustangs and Fords

So I get real excited about a car I see in an ad and I head to my nearest dealer.  I visualize driving off the lot in this beauty and showing it to all my friends.  The friendly salesman is very encouraging but when it comes to crunch time we just can't do the financing.  Never fear, the salesman says, I've got something special you'll really like on the lot.  We walk all the way to the chain link fence in the very back and actually I'm terribly deflated by what I see.  He puts his arm around my shoulder and cautions me not to rush my judgement.  Turns out it's quite a deal and he'll throw in the two-tone paint and extra chrome for free.  I didn't pay much down and it becomes all mine in just four years.  Things went clickity-clack up until the warranty expired and then in quick order I replaced the water pump, radiator and alternator.  In year three I missed a payment cause I had to put together enough money for a transmission overhaul.  In just a few short months I can trade the dirt bag in for something really exciting I saw on TV.  
Picture:  1024 x 768 - Pop Up Pistons

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1963 Chevrolet

1963 Chevrolet
General Motors
C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E

Besides being excited the brochure points out that you will revel in its comfortable, quiet ride and spacious interior.  Chevrolet remained number one in sales for the year, as usual.
Picture:  863 x 595 - Hans Tore Tangerud

The Impala was top of the line full size Chevy.  You're getting a hard top with a nice V8.  There's plenty of trunk space for luggage and you'll enjoy a rich sounding AM radio for all that driving around you'll want to do.
Picture:  900 x 716 at 300 dpi - Chevrolet Impala

A car like this cost about three thousand dollars, tax, license and out the door.  With a halfway decent job you could buy something like this every three years and feel good about yourself doing it.  Check it out - red interior with midnight blue.
Picture - 869 x 479 at 200 dpi - David's Dimension

I like the color, the sweep of the dash and the steering wheel - same red, real sharp... but I'd prefer Naugahyde for the seats.  You think I could get it with a center console?
Picture:  640 x 480 at 96 dpi - eBiz Autos

I like it right off because I'm partial to this red.  Notice the hub caps and the matching red wheels.  OK, it's one step down from the Impala, not a hardtop, but I'm getting a Chevy and with the money I save I could take it on a trip somewhere.  I could even add air conditioning and still come out ahead.
Picture:  640 x 480 at 96 dpi - Bill's Antiques and Classics

Chevrolet Biscayne

Now this is basic.  I could go for it except for the turquoise color and the chrome things over the doors.  That's just old lady stuff.  I suggest getting rid of the whitewalls and wheel covers, lose the chrome and make it black.  Keep the tinted windows, have it a tan interior and put a 396 under the hood with some kind of Posi-Traction technology so I can burn both rear tires on a getaway.  
Picture:  800 x 600 - Webshots

If you're going Chevy II you got to go top of the line Nova.  We're talking self respect here.  You go plain vanilla with this car and its like parking yourself on a toilet seat with a crochet bag.  
Picture:  640 x 480 - Super Chevy

It's the car that gave you Ralph Nader.  People liked this small, nimble car.  Too bad they kept wrecking them.  Part of the problem was no one knew how to drive something that was actually fun.  We're used to starting the turn a half a block before the intersection.
Picture:  1248 x 1224 at 96 dpi - Flickr  

It's fun, it's cheap and it's for you if you're just starting out in life.  Let's say I've got a job going door to door selling brushes to the lady of house.  Right off you know I've got issues.  I've been up and down the block all afternoon and it hasn't been pretty.  At least I've got my little red Corvair.  Throw my sales crap in the trunk, find a sunset somewhere and nurse a beer.
Picture:  1255 x 1221 at 96 dpi - Flickr