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1963 Chevrolet

1963 Chevrolet
General Motors
C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E

Besides being excited the brochure points out that you will revel in its comfortable, quiet ride and spacious interior.  Chevrolet remained number one in sales for the year, as usual.
Picture:  863 x 595 - Hans Tore Tangerud

The Impala was top of the line full size Chevy.  You're getting a hard top with a nice V8.  There's plenty of trunk space for luggage and you'll enjoy a rich sounding AM radio for all that driving around you'll want to do.
Picture:  900 x 716 at 300 dpi - Chevrolet Impala

A car like this cost about three thousand dollars, tax, license and out the door.  With a halfway decent job you could buy something like this every three years and feel good about yourself doing it.  Check it out - red interior with midnight blue.
Picture - 869 x 479 at 200 dpi - David's Dimension

I like the color, the sweep of the dash and the steering wheel - same red, real sharp... but I'd prefer Naugahyde for the seats.  You think I could get it with a center console?
Picture:  640 x 480 at 96 dpi - eBiz Autos

I like it right off because I'm partial to this red.  Notice the hub caps and the matching red wheels.  OK, it's one step down from the Impala, not a hardtop, but I'm getting a Chevy and with the money I save I could take it on a trip somewhere.  I could even add air conditioning and still come out ahead.
Picture:  640 x 480 at 96 dpi - Bill's Antiques and Classics

Chevrolet Biscayne

Now this is basic.  I could go for it except for the turquoise color and the chrome things over the doors.  That's just old lady stuff.  I suggest getting rid of the whitewalls and wheel covers, lose the chrome and make it black.  Keep the tinted windows, have it a tan interior and put a 396 under the hood with some kind of Posi-Traction technology so I can burn both rear tires on a getaway.  
Picture:  800 x 600 - Webshots

If you're going Chevy II you got to go top of the line Nova.  We're talking self respect here.  You go plain vanilla with this car and its like parking yourself on a toilet seat with a crochet bag.  
Picture:  640 x 480 - Super Chevy

It's the car that gave you Ralph Nader.  People liked this small, nimble car.  Too bad they kept wrecking them.  Part of the problem was no one knew how to drive something that was actually fun.  We're used to starting the turn a half a block before the intersection.
Picture:  1248 x 1224 at 96 dpi - Flickr  

It's fun, it's cheap and it's for you if you're just starting out in life.  Let's say I've got a job going door to door selling brushes to the lady of house.  Right off you know I've got issues.  I've been up and down the block all afternoon and it hasn't been pretty.  At least I've got my little red Corvair.  Throw my sales crap in the trunk, find a sunset somewhere and nurse a beer.
Picture:  1255 x 1221 at 96 dpi - Flickr

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