Sunday, June 28, 2015

good morning Jessicca

letter to my daughter
sunday, 28 june


Somewhere in the neighborhood of four billion years ago the most meager expression of life first occurred here on Earth.  It was a marriage of chance with necessity.

Life self-perpetuates its molecular dance through the use of molecular information – something we now refer to as DNA as well as its many offshoots – RNA, proteins and other inanimate structures.

Of course, all this organization requires energy.  Life receives this bounty from our star, the sun.  It’s measured to us in powerful bursts, known as photons.

All living forms have found a way to harness the laws of elementary particles and utilize their potential to spawn the curious phenomenon we call life.

We customarily view life as a variety of discreet forms even though these entities require the most intimate interaction among them in order to survive.

The Earth is rich with green solar panels.  Their purpose is to convert the sun’s energy beams from photons into sugar – the chemical fuel that serves purposeful acts.

              Plants capture light’s energy and animals find clever ways to rob them of it.

                  Life is an enormous enterprise.  It has become the purpose of Earth.

          Then something startling happens.  Life delivers a new dimension to existence –                   consciousness.

                              Consciousness moves beyond the mode for mere survival.

                Consciousness interprets and creates new suggestions for what it knows.


©  Tom Taylor

Sunday, June 21, 2015

good morning Justin

letter to my son
sunday, 21 june


Thunderstorms with swirling winds did nasty things to the Y’s roof Saturday.

Ancient trees were toppled upending manicured lawns.

Later, folks arrived at the park for a free concert.

Band of Oz played Beach Music and funky jive of distant youth.

The weather was perfect the rest of the evening, too.

People just got to jammin' with the line dancing.

The first set ended on a Righteous Brothers note.

Everyone found reason to be happy, not worry..


©  Tom Taylor

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jeremy / early

letter to my son
thursday, 18 june

good morning Jeremy…

dreaming from the castle keep

earnest gaze inside the dinosaur

your dad stuck you in front of everything

off the beaten path snooping about curious places

not far from here was the bubblegum hair challenge

red ryder with artificial stars made by solar reflectors at rest

you had this civil war era fort all to yourself

here’s an expressive look you’ve inherited from your mother

pictures are easy
i stew over words

don’t you just love this watch?


©   Tom Taylor

Sunday, June 14, 2015

good morning jacob

letter to my son
sunday, 14 june

j a c o b

                                              why is there something rather than nothing

                                              why should creation require a creator
                                              what creates the creator
                                              what is a creator

                        everyday a most extraordinary turn of events occur before you

                                                        and before each from all
                            each - one’s own perspective as determined by one’s own mind

                                   this planet is covered with mind, individual, everywhere


                                          creator of 

                                                               heaven and hell
                                                               life, mind, consciousness
                                                               all – no exceptions

                                         is responsible for all

                                         condemns no one if not god’s self


©   Tom Taylor

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good Morning Jack...

Letter to my Son
Sunday, 7 June


Congratulations on graduating high school.  Well done.    Here are pictures from your very first day of school, beginning with the walk from home with your grandma and Jessicca.  Grandma cut all the kids hair.  Looks like you have a yellow thatched roof here.  It’s the fault of the camera.

First impressions are promising – large sandbox just out front, toys ready to use.

Mrs. Marino rounds up kids and stands them in line.  The boy running around looks too big to be in kindergarten. 

Here are the first official words on how things work going to school.

Small groups are best for keeping everyone’s attention.  Hey, look!  There’s a girl already raising her hand.  Has she done this before?

And now you’ve graduated.  In the fall there’s all new orientation about going to college and all the things that come with it:  new fields of study, new friends and probably more intense love affairs.  The view of our world widens.  Make the best of it and enjoy.


©  Tom Taylor   All Rights Reserved