Sunday, June 28, 2015

good morning Jessicca

letter to my daughter
sunday, 28 june


Somewhere in the neighborhood of four billion years ago the most meager expression of life first occurred here on Earth.  It was a marriage of chance with necessity.

Life self-perpetuates its molecular dance through the use of molecular information – something we now refer to as DNA as well as its many offshoots – RNA, proteins and other inanimate structures.

Of course, all this organization requires energy.  Life receives this bounty from our star, the sun.  It’s measured to us in powerful bursts, known as photons.

All living forms have found a way to harness the laws of elementary particles and utilize their potential to spawn the curious phenomenon we call life.

We customarily view life as a variety of discreet forms even though these entities require the most intimate interaction among them in order to survive.

The Earth is rich with green solar panels.  Their purpose is to convert the sun’s energy beams from photons into sugar – the chemical fuel that serves purposeful acts.

              Plants capture light’s energy and animals find clever ways to rob them of it.

                  Life is an enormous enterprise.  It has become the purpose of Earth.

          Then something startling happens.  Life delivers a new dimension to existence –                   consciousness.

                              Consciousness moves beyond the mode for mere survival.

                Consciousness interprets and creates new suggestions for what it knows.


©  Tom Taylor

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