Sunday, July 5, 2015

good morning Jack

letter to my son
sunday, 5 july


              Kannapolis has a park near the center of town that 
           manages to stay hidden from the goings on around here.

           The deep shade provides cool comfort to those fleeing 
               the oppression of southern summer heat.

       These surroundings are strictly high rent and the robins 
   doing business here know they’ve most definitely lucked out.

       Soon these tent worms will break free from their silk purse
cocoon and run the gamut of lip-smacking birds.

            The red-bellied woodpecker is a longtime aficionado, 
             sampling most any creature that crawls.

   A clear stream runs nearly the length of this long, winding park.

         Over time it has cut its way to the bedrock that underlies 
               this small North Carolina town.

                It’s up to dragonflies close by to police against                  pesky mosquitoes and flies.

          Resting at the base of one tree was this magnificent
coral fungus, big enough to eat a small dog.

            It’s July and this Rusty Blackbird is supposed to be with 
            his friends north near Canada.  He didn’t get the word.  
            As if he cares.


 ©  Tom Taylor

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