Sunday, July 26, 2015

good morning Jessicca

letter to my daughter
sunday, 26 july


Our local family medicine held an employee seminar the other day.

Touching base with teamwork just makes good sense.

Did you know how to transfer water using only paper plates?

Team Green celebrates their victory.

Doctor Jones demonstrates a successful pretzel toss.

Our team leaders.

Your balloon isn't touching both bodies, numbers three and four.

To no one's surprise the balloons soon became a problem.

Suddenly Doctor Smits wipes out Doctor Jones.

Then everyone cut loose.

Eventually good order was restored.

It's a bit like keeping hopes aloft.

The challenge is staying airborne.

One of our participants went rogue.

Feverish aggression showed no regard for friendship.

Events rose beyond the teachable moment and class was dismissed.


©  Tom Taylor

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