Sunday, July 12, 2015

Good Morning Jacob

letter to my son
sunday, 12 july


Ebony Jewelwing

                    Darth Vader – all predator just like the larger dragonflies.  
                    As a meal you will be devoured quickly.  
                    Suffering will be brief.

Green June Beetle
                    Clumsy flyer and drags its belly when walking.  
                    Flies into windows, screens and porch lights.  
                    Loves peaches.

Cabbage White

Beaded antennae are characteristic of butterflies, unlike tapered antennae of moths.  Both types of insects have scaled wings.  This doesn’t seem coincidental with such large wings.  The animal must tolerate the added weight and aerodynamic drag of scales because large surface areas require insulation to maintain body temperature.  That's my guess.

Bumble Bee

Harvesting pollen requires being able to work comfortably in any body orientation.

Southern Pearly-Eye

How many butterflies can manage landing on vertical glass?  Dust on the window must have made the surface detectable.  Here’s how it spent the night.  A quick continental breakfast at sunrise and it was gone.

Black Ant

                    These guys are foragers, pioneers exploring the unknown.  
                    It’s risky business but there’s also opportunity for great reward.


                    A small pod containing a soup of molecular structures 
                    and a list of instructions, DNA, to organize them 
                    into a new instance of an insect.


                    Eggs of plants departing their nest with great fanfare.  
                    It’s an uncertain journey on the wind.  
                    Only a few grow to become plants.  
                    Most simply provide food for hungry animals.


Most of the time it is best to go about your business unnoticed when you’re a sparrow.  
Find a mate in your neck of the brush, set up housekeeping in a thicket, raise your young 
and keep an eye out for snakes.

American Goldfinch

Mom is busy making a breakfast of thistle seeds, perfect for growing young finches.

American Goldfinch

Dad stands watch over his family’s store of food.

Bumble Bee

Come and get it!


©  Tom Taylor

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