Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good Morning Jack...

Letter to my Son
Sunday, 7 June


Congratulations on graduating high school.  Well done.    Here are pictures from your very first day of school, beginning with the walk from home with your grandma and Jessicca.  Grandma cut all the kids hair.  Looks like you have a yellow thatched roof here.  It’s the fault of the camera.

First impressions are promising – large sandbox just out front, toys ready to use.

Mrs. Marino rounds up kids and stands them in line.  The boy running around looks too big to be in kindergarten. 

Here are the first official words on how things work going to school.

Small groups are best for keeping everyone’s attention.  Hey, look!  There’s a girl already raising her hand.  Has she done this before?

And now you’ve graduated.  In the fall there’s all new orientation about going to college and all the things that come with it:  new fields of study, new friends and probably more intense love affairs.  The view of our world widens.  Make the best of it and enjoy.


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