Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jack...

Letter to my Son
Thursday, 9 October

Jack's 17th Birthday

Happy Birthday Jack!

You’re 17 and it’s shocking me.  How could you grow up so fast?  I would like you to be where we were when I last saw you so we could pick up where we left off.  Growing up is rarely idyllic.  Setbacks happen but we are grateful for the love and happiness we have.  One day we will meet again and it will fill me with joy, no matter the potential problems.  The bond of father and son is not easily broken.  Google it.  You’ll find it’s a universal law. 

Be joyous.  Be safe.  I want for you a long and wondrous life.  I love you along with the rest of the family.  You are on my mind daily.  Happy seventeenth birthday, Jack.  Tell everyone hello for me.    


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