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Lindsey Graham

Senior Senator
Lindsey Graham

Senator                        South Carolina       Republican
Elected 2002

Aging (Special)
Armed Services

Ratings for 2010:

ADA    Americans for Democratic Action                                                 5
            Liberal:             less defense spending   
                                    protect civil liberties, human rights

ACLU  American Civil Liberties Union                                                     7
            Protect individuals from legal infringements on rights

AFS     American Federation of Government Employees                     6
            Liberal labor

LCV    League of Conservation Voters                                                    0
            Pro-environmental protection

ITIC     Information Technology Industry Council                                     33
            Promote electronic commerce and innovation

NTU    National Taxpayers Union                                                            97
            Pro-taxpayer rights

COC    US Chamber of Commerce                                                      100

ACU    American Conservative Union                                                     92
            Conservative:    foreign policy
                                       social and budget issues

CFG    Club for Growth                                                                           85
            Pro-tax limitation

FRC     Family Research Council                                                           79
             Conservative:    promotes marriage and family
                                        oppose abortion

Votes in 111th Congress:  2009 – 2010

No       Overturn Ledbetter
            Extend statute of limitations in pay discrimination
No       Pass $787 Billion Stimulus
            Funds to revive U.S. economy
Yes      Repeal DC Gun Laws
            Repeal Washington DC limits on firearms and ban on assault weapons
Yes      Confirm Sonia Sotomayor
            Confirm Sonia Sotomayor to Supreme Court
No       Pass Health Care Bill
            Provides insurance for people without health insurance
No       Regulate Financial Firms
            New federal regulations on financial services firms
No       Pass Tax Cuts for Some
            Bush era tax cuts to continue for incomes under $250,000
No       Legalize Immigrants’ Kids
            Give children of illegal parents path to legal status
No       Ratify New START
            Ratify Strategic Arms Treaty with Russia
Yes      Confirm Elena Kagan
            Confirm Elena Kagan to Supreme Court
Yes      Stop EPA Climate Regulations
            Oppose EPA regulations of greenhouse gases under Clean Air Act
No       Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
            Lift ban on openly gay people in military

Year                 Candidate                     Vote                                         Campaign Chest

2008                Lindsey Graham (R)     1,076,534  58%                       9,713,500
                         Bob Conley (D)               790,621  42                               17,105

2002                Lindsey Graham (R)        600,010  54%                       6,213,563
                        Alex Sanders (D)             487,359  44                          4,211,812
South Carolina

Population 2010:                      4,625,364
State Rank:                               24th
Change since 2000:                up 15.3%

Urban:                                      59%
Rural:                                       41

Columbia                                   129,272
Charleston                                 120,083
North Charleston                         97,471
Mount Pleasant                           67,843

Median Income:                           43,480
Median Home Value:                136,300

Private Employment:                  77%
Government Employment:         17
Self-Employed:                             6
Poverty:                                       16
Blue Collar:                                 25
White Collar:                              56

Median Age:                             37
Over 65:                                   13%
Under 18:                                 24

High School Graduates:            83%
College Graduates:                   24
Graduate Degree:                       8

Veterans:                                  11%

Registered Voters 2010:
No Party Registration
Voter Turnout -                        1,365,480
Turnout, Voting Age -              39%

White:                                      64%
Black:                                       28
Hispanic:                                    5
Asian:                                         1 

2008 Presidential Vote:
John McCain (R) -                    1,034,896        54%
Barack Obama (D) -                   862,449        45

2004 Presidential Vote:
George W. Bush (R) -               937,974        58%
John Kerry (D) -                         661,699        41

Lindsey Graham's Voting History:

Votes in the 110th Congress:  2007 – 08

Yes      Raise CAFE standards
            Limit debate on setting higher fuel standards for vehicles
No       Expand SCHIP
            Expand State Children’s Health Insurance Program
*          Cap Greenhouse Gases
            Limit debate on setting Cap and Trade system to curb climate change
Yes      Bailout Financial Markets
            $700 billion dollar bailout of financial industry
Yes      Make English Official Language
            English the official language of the US
Yes      Path to Citizenship
            Limit debate on immigration reform bill
Yes      Fetus is Unborn Child
            Define fetus as an unborn child
No       Prosecute Hate Crimes
            Limit debate on measure funding prosecution of hate crimes
*          Withdraw Troops March, 2008
            Withdrawal of most US troops in Iraq by March, 2008
Yes      Iran Guard is Terrorist Group
            Iranian Revolutionary Guard is terrorist group
Yes      Increase Missile Defense Funding
            Increase funding for missile defense
Yes      Overhaul FISA
            Overhaul Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

*          Absent

Votes in the 109th Congress:  2005 – 06

No       Bar ANWR Drilling
            Bar oil and gas leasing in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Yes      FY06 Spending Curb
            Curb federal entitlement spending
Yes      Estate Tax Repeal
            Limit debate on proposal to permanently repeal estate tax
No       Raise Minimum Wage
            Increase minimum wage to $7.25
Yes      Confirm Samuel Alito
            Confirm Samuel Alito as Associate Justice, Supreme Court
Yes      Path to Citizenship
            Path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
Yes      Bar Same Sex Marriage
            Limit debate on Constitutional amendment for marriage to man, woman
No       Stem Cell Research Funding
            Federal funds for embryonic stem cell research
Yes      Limit Interstate Abortion
            Prohibit minors crossing borders for abortion without parental consent
No       CAFTA
            Central American Free Trade Agreement
No       Urge Iraq Withdrawal
            Start withdrawing US troops from Iraq in 2006
No       Provide Detainee Rights
            Habeas Corpus rights for military detainees

Votes in the 108th Congress:  2003 – 2004

No       Ban Drilling in ANWR
            Block drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Yes      Approve Bush Tax Cut
            Reduce taxes by $350 billion through 2013
No       Medicare/Rx Bill
            Medicare prescription drug benefit legislation
No       Bar Overtime Pay Regulations
            Block funds for federal regulations of overtime pay
Yes      Energy Bill
            Cloture motion to end debate on comprehensive energy bill
No       Support Roe v. Wade
            Senate support for Roe v. Wade decision
Yes      Ban Partial Birth Abortion
            Ban procedure opponents describe as “partial-birth” abortion
No       Assault Weapons Ban
            Extend for 10 years ban on assault weapons sale and possession
Yes      Ban Same Sex Marriage
            Cloture motion to end debate on Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex      
No       Ban Bunker Buster Bomb
            Prohibit Energy Department funding of “bunker-buster” program
Yes      Fund Iraq War
            Provides $87 billion for US operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
No       Restrict Missile Defense
            Restrict deployment of national missile defense system

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