Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election - Day After

Tuesday wasn’t the election most Democrats wanted but it was probably what we needed.  It was a reality check for all concerned.  There are numerous lessons to be gained from the experience and its going to take time to sort them out.  One silver lining in defeat is that, given the right attitude, we learn more from failure than from victory.  It’s human nature.  Success has its lessons but they are too often buried in the celebration.

I have a few observations this morning that I will expand upon in the coming days.  Foremost in my mind is that our Senate candidates in contested states too often ran from their convictions.  Leadership involves articulating one’s beliefs in hopes of providing an understanding for the disinclined.  It is not an easy task but then neither is leadership.  I’m afraid President Obama shares in this failure of leadership.  His voice was needed to forthrightly reiterate where he stands and why he believes his convictions are right for confronting the nation’s challenges.  We make known who we are and why it is we so strongly believe in what it is we do.  This is a responsibility of those seeking our vote.  We stand for something and we have the courage to make it known.

This campaign has been an invaluable experience.  I wonder if I can return to the life I previously knew.

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