Tuesday, December 30, 2014

g o d

The spirit of our exchange on God is that of a conversation between two people that share mutual values.  We have all the latitude that goes with being casual.  This has to reward joining in with a sense of fun. 

You provided a particularly interesting topic when you said, “God took the risk of manifesting in human form, trusting us to carry on the creative action of life.  Jesus is the example of how we pray to the whole as a consensus that is alive with all knowledge of everything, including all the mysterious things we can’t understand.”

There’s a lot there but I just want to focus on the phrase “with all knowledge of everything.”

God misses nothing.  We see an unknown future ahead of us.  God has no need for time.  He knows all, always.  God has no need for trust.  He already knows what we will do and plans accordingly.  God sends his son Jesus to us knowing of Christ’s fate.  It’s every facet was foretold by God.  What is gained in return for the death of the Son of God?  Eternal life for mere mortals.  We become one with the Spirit following the death of our flesh.  What is God’s price for this gift?

We must witness the merciless inhumanity we inflict on one another.  We must see ourselves as God often sees us – unworthy of salvation.  Why?  Because we exercised our free will in a manner that defies God?  Partly.  We’ve always exercised our independence from God’s will.  It’s what got us evicted from the Garden of Eden.  In response, God decreed we would continue no further than the grave once we died.

Not long ago God changed the rules.  He offered us eternal spiritual existence... even though God often objects to what it is we choose to do.  We truly are in God’s image.  As such, we wouldn’t be worth a damn without free will

Jesus is nailed to a cross and left to die.  On Earth it is no big deal.  These things happen all the time.  Then the word spreads.  Jesus was the Son of God.  Who would think such a modest man would have divine connections?  This is a story too good to stop.  People know of things this man said.  His outlook on mankind is revolutionary.  His message is mostly of love.  Jesus is revered for his teachings but practical considerations require us to often turn another way.  After all, it is in our nature.  We ourselves are, in some way, Sons of God.

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