Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Photos from the Borrego Springs area of the Mojave Desert in Southern California.
It's the annual desert spring bloom and Christa and Richard took to the wilderness for some camping.

              All Photos   ©  Christa Thurber

             The exhilaration of climbing to the plateau made the view more spectacular.
             Hovering clouds hold in the eerie timelessness of the vista.

                          Screaming pink!  Easy to spy along the dusty old hillsides.

                  The rock citadel drew us like a magnet with its domineering royalty.

             This hefty messenger wears a crown of golden flowers on a head of thorns.

             It felt like walking the ocean floor...  a sea of blue-gray, heat and slightly 
             humid air.

                   space in the meadow to spread and grow great-grand children

                                                        finely crafted jewels

                                                             flesh of the rock

                                                    molten silver with pepper


                      Greetings.  Survival is always precarious in fantasyland.

              A red haze covered the valley.  We grew close and recognized a mass of 
              ocotillo in bloom.

                                           starkly demanding attention from the wind

                                    the sun moves slow, quiet into serenity

                         prickly ball finds hard rock comfy... how can this be?

                                          cholla cactus glows, a halo of light

                  a writhing animal captured in a plant, ready to pounce and get you

                           dead and living tangle together in opposite compliment

                 getting to know those small and close to the ground, I lie among them

               exquisite beauty above its sandy gravel bed - too delicate to long survive 

              I know this plant!  For many years it's perched here among the rocks
              at the end of Moonlight Trail.

                  Maybe the shelter of rocks is more important than its lack of soil.

              All those fuzzy seed pods and orange flowers remind me of apricot trees.
              The birds and bees think delicious too.

                  Marble cathedral stairs beckon, humbling me with hands-on climbing.

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