Sunday, August 9, 2015

good morning Jacob

letter to my son
sunday, 9 august


Ants tend their crop.

Ran across a marmot that just had his ears waxed.

Oops.  I’ve barged in on breakfast.

Miss Swallowtail samples the nectar of a good chokeberry.

A new generation unfurls.

You know what a bother it is to keep all those feathers proper?

Deploy brake flaps.
Extend landing gear.
Grab on for dear life.

Those backward facing knob-knees are actually this heron’s ankles.

A froth of algae is all that keeps this fly from drowning.

Contestant 4 demonstrates her fetching wasp waist.

Mind if I join you?

The air is a buzz with summer.


©  Tom Taylor

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