Sunday, November 17, 2019

good morning jack

n o v e m b e r   

f o r e s t    r a p i d s

r u r a l    r o u t e

e d d l e m a n' s    p o n d

h a v e    w e    a    p r o b l e m ?

w e l c o m e    t o    b e t t e r    t i m e s

a n d    a    g o o s e    n a m e d    s n u g g l e s

L o b l o l l y' s    c a s t l e

c a r d i n a l 

c r a n e    f l y

how improbable a form

why does it need such long legs to make a living?

it flies like a winged daddy long legs

not like our elusive housefly

shrewdly aerobatic

benefiting from a gyroscope on a balance beam

- that white ball on a slender stalk

you see behind the front wing

sending all this top gun sort of stuff

to a brain the size of a fleck of pepper

behold miniaturization

bare bones analytics

rational thought 

l e a f     d e c a y

f o u n t a i n

take the smallest known instance of time

repeatedly reduce its size by half until

you arrive at the precise present

the instant dividing what has yet to happen

from what has already occurred

nothing exists outside this infinitely small

instance of now

except for memory residing in consciousness

and in imaginings outside time

w i n d o w 

m e t a l

c e m e n t

c o l o r s

don't exist except in consciousness

there is no sound in reality

other than what the mind provides

all your senses are interpretations

whose accuracy you rely on

to stay alive

your mind necessarily editorializes - 

a loud sound startles

the brain calling for your undivided attention

a soft voice soothes

the brain lowers its alert to you

you who are separate but reliant as one

of a mind within a particular brain

consciousness at home in its vessel 


©  Tom Taylor

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