Sunday, May 31, 2020

good morning justin

p a t t e r s o n    f a r m

 metal, glass, synthetics aging

 Always change, no matter what
is beginning or end.

name, logo, business

 It's yours.  Something to love along the way.

transportation, wheel, human intelligence
 It matters that we love something till the end. 

life form, insect, awareness 

 Love of warming sunlight.

organism, animal, species

Reproduction becomes personal.  Love.

consciousness, identity, behavior 
Mind indulges thoughts seemingly beyond survival mode.

couple, genetics, variability 

 Love is instinct, a shared feeling guiding like responses 
for all members of a species.

bird, reptilian, flight 

 What feeling do we experience that
isn't an attempt to steer our actions?

mind, subjectivity, reality 

 We seem in all manner to be predestined with biology.
Genetics, the shared molecular mechanism found in all life.
Thought, with provision for reason, a tender wildcard.


© Tom Taylor

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