Sunday, December 6, 2020

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Bontecou     1961

born:  1931

abstract sculpture 

Bibemus Quarry 

Cezanne     1900

1839 - 1906


Cezanne's simplified forms gave rise to cubism

 and abstraction. 


Les Demoiselles

Picasso     1907 

1881 - 1973

cubist, surreal

He eventually became his own school of thought

by determining aesthetics too big for beauty alone. 



Three Women

Leger     1921

1881 - 1955


Turn Renoir into an architect whose eye is on 

casual women at leisure.    In place of a summer's 

 breeze we have the steady rhythms of machinery.


Composition with Large Red

Mondrian     1921

1872 - 1944


Flat squares, rectangles and basic colors, mostly.

 White and thick, black lines.  Simply find the harmony

amidst a rubric's cube of not quite right possibilities. 


Number 8

Pollock     1949

1912 - 1956

abstract  expressionist 

Imagine an idea without image,

a thought without words.

 Or someone just marveling over dribbles 

 and splashes of color.  Imagine both together.




Five Deaths

Warhol     1963

1928 - 1987

 pop art

What would induce you to place a blowup of

a coroner's snapshot of an automobile accident

above your sofa?  Maybe if it's a screen print.


Black, Red and Black

Rothko     1968 

1903 - 1970

 abstract  expressionist 

While Pollock is about spontaneous gesture,

Rothko plants a singular thought trapped by a color.

The thought is one of your choosing.  Off the wall.



Basquait     1985 

1960 - 1988

 street  art

No need to dress-up when you've got the goods.



Hanson     1989 


1925 - 1996
superrealism  sculpture

Being happy is draining.


Portrait of I. M. Pei

Estes     1996 

born:   1932


 Vast, silent, deserted.  Urban.  Precise.  Illusion.





©  Tom Taylor


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