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Marie-Therese Walter     1937

Head of Woman     1901

"Picasso's haste has not yet given him time to forge

a personal style; his personality is in this haste, this

youthful impetuous spontaneity.  I understand he is

not yet twenty, and covers as many as three canvases

a day."     LA REVUE BLANCHE / 1901 




Woman and Child     1903

In the spring of 1901 the avant-garde artist Carlos Casagemas

invited the object of his love, Germaine, and a smattering of

other friends, to dinner that evening at a Paris café.   

Following the convivial dinner, Casagemas rose to publicly 

propose marriage to Germaine.  Firmly rebuffed, he pulled 

a revolver from concealment and fired a missing shot

at this humiliation.  Finally, to everyone's horror, he ended his life

 with a bullet through his temple.  


Until recently Casagemas had been an almost inseparable 

companion for Picasso.  His death resulted in the twenty year old

artist embarking on a theme of morose imagery that lasted more

than two years.  But now Picasso had his personal style.

It became known as the Blue Period 




Woman with Flowers     1909

From cool blue loneliness to the detached warmth of cubism.

Picasso lives with Fernande Olivier, portrayed here as well as

in sixty other Picasso paintings.   Fernande was his first.



Seaside Bathers     1918

Two Running Women     

Olga     1923

In 1918 Olga Khokhlova gave up a successful ballet career

to become Pablo Picasso's wife.  This portrait is of the mother

of Paulo, the couple's two year old son.  A discovered affair 

would eventually rupture their relationship but Olga remained

legally married to Picasso until her death in 1955 because 

he refused to equally divide his property with her as

required by French divorce law. 





Seated Bather     1929

1929 - the Stock Market crash.  Economies shudder.

Politics increasingly turns to violent means for solutions.

Anxiety abounds.  Picasso paints the portrait of a 

beautiful woman enjoying a pleasant seaside setting.

Except this woman is a zombie monster, assembled

from machined parts.  It all looks so very warlike.  


Woman with Beach Ball     1932

Woman Reading     1936

Weeping Woman     1937

Picasso gives us heart-rending, boundless grief 

resulting from bombing a Basque village

by Nazi planes in the spring of 1937. 



Marie-Therese Walter     1937

Picasso began this affair in 1927 when he was forty-five and 

Marie seventeen.  Olga only discovered the relationship eight

years later when Marie became pregnant with Maya - 1935,

the same year Picasso discovered the new love of his life,

Dora Maar. 



Dora Maar     1937

Gifted photographer, surrealist painter, 

darkly beautiful and intense.

Picasso has eyes only for you, Dora.  

Impossible you.  

She is the model he used for painting 

"Weeping Woman". 

The Imploring     1937

Seated Woman     1953

Algerian Women     1955

Revisiting the brash Les Demoiselles of Picasso's youth,

only slowly mellowed, with complexity - as you might expect

from a man of seventy-four.





©  Tom Taylor


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