Sunday, June 6, 2021

good morning jack


OTR drivers, Over The Road, are paid 

by the mile and go where  

the freight goes - anywhere

in the 48 contiguous states.

Waiting for a load at a truck stop

doesn't earn you a dime.

Drivers can be away from home 

three weeks at a time 

heading to God knows where.

OTR truckers drive as a two man team -

10 hours on, 10 hours off -

driving nonstop 24 / 7 so long as 

you have freight to deliver.

Owning your own truck means 

paying out of pocket for diesel

at 4 miles to the gallon.

Then there's your tire and maintenance costs -


Breakdown means a several hundred dollar

tow and a trailer filled with freight

your customer was promised

delivery of yesterday.

Try staying alert while driving at four

in the morning when you have no regular

sleep pattern.  Still, truck driving gets

in your blood with a high up windshield

that feels like a big screen TV for 

watching the world go by.

I recommend Texas where there are cafes

in the middle of nowhere and parking

is in an open field where you have

no problem putting your 

seventy-two foot rig.



©  Tom Taylor


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