Sunday, February 20, 2022

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p  y  r  r  h  i  c      v  i  c  t  o  r  y

Italy's North African Army collapses.

What began as a probing attack by British forces

resulted in the surprising route of the Italian Army

in North Africa.  It would take German intervention

to prevent the complete loss of the Mediterranean 

to British control.

Britain's victory in Libya frees up troops for Greece.

With Italy on the ropes in North Africa 

Churchill decides to divert troops in Libya 

to Greece in order to protect that nation's

independence from Nazi rule.  

Hitler will not tolerate Churchill's presence on his flank.

Britain's presence in Greece would eventually include 

RAF bombers that could threaten Hitler's source of energy -

the Romanian oil fields at Ploesti

A defeated Britain makes another Dunkirk retreat.

The forces available for Churchill's venture were

a mere half-measure of what would be needed 

to match German aircraft and armor.

Britain once again abandoned its tanks to its enemy

as its infantry made a hasty retreat to ships offshore. 

German Airborne conquers British Crete.


Britain makes another getaway by sea.

The Ju-52 was the Luftwaffe's transport workhorse.

German paratroopers boarding their flight to Crete.


Paratroopers begin their slow

agonized descent as targets

swinging suspended in plain view

and hunters beneath sight in

on them as they would ducks

in a sporting event.


Heavy groundfire devastates German paratroopers.

Despite taking enormous casualties German paratroopers

managed to wrest airfields from British control,

flying in desperately needed troops to reinforce 

their beleaguered invasion force.  

Though being outnumbered 2 to 1 German infantry

forced Britain to rely on the sea for escape 

from another defeat.




©  Tom Taylor


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