Saturday, May 18, 2024

Scapa Flow


Mission:  Contain the German fleet.

Perfect position to cut German access to the Atlantic.

Over 700 made - heroes of the 'Happy Time'.

SPEED:               17.9 KNOTS - SURFACE

                              8.0 KNOTS - SUBMERGED

RANGE:               8,700 MILES @ 10 KNOTS, SURFACE

                                 90 MILES @ 4 KNOTS, SUBMERGED

CREW:                 44 - 52

Safe harbor to Britain's largest fleet.

 U-47 sailed through Kirk Sound above water to avoid a barrier 

of sunken hulks of ships, its conning tower cloaked in a

New Moon night.

The Grand Lady too old to keep up.

U-47 missed 4 before 3 hit in the amidship gut.

Royal Oak rolled over quickly and sank 

taking with it 800 sailors trapped inside.

U-47 commander gets Berlin parade.

Captain Gunther Prien became a Nazi in 1933, the year Hitler

came to power.

Constant vigil for U-boats.

 Germany needed to sink 700,000 tons a month to win

the war in 1940.

©  Tom Taylor



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