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Steve Scalise

Republican Study Committee – Chairman for 113th Congress

Steve Scalise

Congressman                1st District, Louisiana                Republican
Elected 2004

Energy and Commerce

Republican Study Committee:  considers itself the conservative conscience of the GOP

  • The RSC has more than 160 members

Republican Congressmen lose Committee assignments

Representative Steve Scalise defends Republican leadership from conservative criticism.

“What they fail to mention is that Mick Mulvaney got a seat on Financial Services; Raul Labrador was fighting real hard to get elevated to Judiciary Committee so he can be more involved in the debate on immigration, and he got that post, so I don’t think anybody would question the conservative credentials of Mick and Raul.”
Steve Scalise (LA, R)

“If Congressman Scalise sells out conservatives in the House to work with House leadership who've just sold out their own principles in the name of looking reasonable, conservatives will need to find a new home outside the Republican Study Committee.”
Erick Erickson

“Steve acknowledged that we had just gotten beat in an election, and now more than ever we have to coalesce as a conservative organization.
If it really was a result of their conservative votes, I would be amongst them, in fact… they wouldn’t have put me on Financial Services.  You look at my voting record compared to their voting record and I’m not any less conservative, maybe even more conservative.”
Freshman Rep. Dennis Ross (FL, R)

Ratings for 2010:

ADA    Americans for Democratic Action                                                     0
            Liberal:             less defense spending   
                                      protect civil liberties, human rights

ACLU  American Civil Liberties Union                                                        13
            Protect individuals from legal infringements on rights

AFS     American Federation of Government Employees                           0
            Liberal labor

LCV    League of Conservation Voters                                                        20
            Pro-environmental protection

ITIC     Information Technology Industry Council                                          33
            Promote electronic commerce and innovation

NTU    National Taxpayers Union                                                                 89
            Pro-taxpayer rights

COC    US Chamber of Commerce                                                            88

ACU    American Conservative Union                                                        96
            Conservative:    foreign policy
                                       social and budget issues

CFG    Club for Growth                                                                                 98
            Pro-tax limitation

FRC     Family Research Council                                                              100
            Conservative:    promotes marriage and family
                                       oppose abortion

Votes in 111th Congress:           2009 - 2010

No       Overturn Ledbetter
            Extend statute of limitations in pay discrimination
No       $820 billion stimulus   
            Funds to revive U.S. economy
Yes      Let guns in national parks
            Permit people carrying guns in parks
No       Cap and Trade
            Industry measure to reduce greenhouse gases               
Yes      Bar federal abortion funds
            No federal funds for health plans covering abortion
No       Health Care Bill
            Provides insurance for people without health insurance              
No       Financial Firm Regulation
            Regulations on financial services firms
No       Pass tax cuts for some
            Bush era tax cuts to continue for incomes under $250,000
Yes      Stop detainee transfers
            Prohibit defense funds used to transfer detainees to U.S. facilities                      
No       Legalize Immigrants’ Kids
            Give children of illegal parents path to legal status
No       Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
            Lift ban on openly gay people in military           
No       Limit Campaign Funds
            Requires sponsors of campaign ads to identify themselves

Year                 Candidate                     Vote                                         Campaign Chest

2010                Steve Scalise (R)          157,182  79%                          1,358,024
                        Myron Katz (D)                  38,416  19                                   64,420
                        Arden Wells (I)                     4,578    2
2008                Steve Scalise (R)          189,168  66%                          1,628,134
                        Jim Harlan (D)                   98,839  34                             2,158,185

2008 special     Steve Scalise (R)            33,867  75%
                            Gilda Reed (D)               10,142  23

2008 primary    Steve Scalise (R)            19,338  58%
                           Tim Burns (R)                  13,958  42

                            I          Independent Party

Population 2010:                      686,961
Change since 2000:                up 7.6%

Urban:                                      80%
Rural:                                        20

Median Income:                           50,810
Median Home Value:                191,900

Private Employment:                  79%
Government Employment:         14
Self-Employed:                             7
Blue Collar:                              21
White Collar:                            63

Median Age:                            39
Over 65:                                   14%
Under 18:                                 23

High School Graduates:            86%
College Graduates:                   29
Graduate Degree:                       9

Veterans:                                  10%

White:                                      73%
Black:                                       16
Hispanic:                                    8
Asian:                                         2         

2008 Presidential Vote:
John McCain (R) -                   222,090           73%
Barack Obama (D) -                  79,326           26

2004 Presidential Vote:
George W. Bush (R) -            215,538           71%
John Kerry (D) -                        87,009           29
Steve Scalise's Voting History

Votes in 110th Congress:           2007 – 08

*          Increase Minimum Wage
            Raise minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour
*          Expand SCHIP
            Expand State Children’s Health Insurance Program
*          Raise CAFE Standards
            Increase fuel efficiency to 35 mpg by 2020
No       Bail Out Financial Markets
            $700 billion to bail out financial industry
*          Share Immigration Data
            Bar funds to governments refusing to share immigration information
*          Foreign Aid Abortion Ban
            Bar funds for abortions in foreign aid programs
*          Ban Gay Bias in Workplace
            Prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation
Yes      Repeal DC Gun Law
            Repeal local prohibition of firearms
*          Withdraw Troops 8/08
            Requires withdrawal of troops by August, 2008
*          No Operations in Iraq
            Bar military funds for contingency operations in Iraq
*          Free Trade with Peru
            Implement free trade agreement with Peru
Yes      Overhaul FISA
            Overhaul Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

*          Absent – member by Special Election during 110th Congress

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