Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Good Morning Fred...

Letter to Fred

Romance Anonymous

Thanks for the recipe.  It looks very promising.  I particularly appreciate the fact that it does not call for eight pounds of animal parts.  I've never been charmed by the sight of blood vessels in my food.

I know nothing of astrology, not even enough to be puzzled by it.  The stars, orbits of planets, the pull of gravity; it is all there.  This is evidence.  So is the Periodic Table.  We thought we discovered something fundamental in atoms.  Oh, look!  Here are the basic mechanisms of physical reality.  Eureka, cries the ancient man.  Gather round as I tell you of the essential components of existence:  earth, wind, water and fire.  There it is.  No, wait.  We better also include spirit - the mystery behind life itself.  Yes, now we have it.  I think.

It doesn't end.  What are these things revealed as components of atoms?  Currently I am in love with the God Particle - the mechanism that gives physical matter the talent of attraction?  Can I breathe easy now, knowing we have identified a new element of the lower, more fundamental level of It?  Oh, that I should know more of It before life leaves me.  Forget about it.  It doesn't end.  What was the nature of existence prior to the Big Bang?  Why would  such an event occur? Did someone just mention God?  OK, what was God doing prior to creation?  Maybe God was wondering why adding one more number to infinity didn't make the number set bigger.  God was driving himself crazy with such thoughts.  Better to create a physical realm.  Place within it a creation driven to find answers to everything that occurs to it.  Watch with amusement as it eventually drives itself crazy probing the puzzle pieces worth stumping even God.  For every church, synagogue and mosque there is reserved an exhalation, a passport to give in and give up.  I can’t handle the challenge of my own mind.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention.  Here is your horoscope.  You discover It is itself a mere circular question, teasing you into an endless quest.

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