Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good Morning Jessicca...

Letter to my Daughter
Sunday, 5 May

Moon Glow

Good Morning Jessicca…

“I never thought that just being myself would lead to cannibalism.”
“Yes, a culinary interest in one’s friends raises a number of ethical issues.  It isn’t fattening, I suppose, when prepared properly.”
“Maybe I left home too soon.  I miss evenings with the family gathered round the TV eating pizza and French fries.”
“Don’t get me started.  Have you ever tried munching on a bowl of refrigerated marshmallows, drizzled in chocolate syrup?  Ice cream is good here, also, but sometimes it’s just not available.”
“Sounds interesting.  Would that work at a dinner party?”
“Not by itself, of course.  You need something to go with it.  A baked pie crust is nice.  You have friends over for dinner?”
“Yes, but never only one.  It’s just too tempting.  With a couple of friends over for dinner they can sort of watch out for each other.  Still I can’t help looking at guests without seeing them smiling beneath a lump of melting cheese.”
“Is there any other way?”

Hello.  I’m someone speaking with authority.  As this conversation suggests, living a life true to ourselves can pose difficulties.  Fortunately, enjoying our friends for a meal is extremely rare.  Chances are it hasn't even occurred to you until now.  Just the thought of smiling lips concealed in a grilled cheese sandwich would make most anyone shudder. 

Still, acting out who it is we truly are can be discouraging.  Some people, for instance, have quirky ideas about clothing.  There are those among us that find delight in making rude sounds in grocery check out lines.  Maybe you have an unnatural obsession with your nose.  It’s always a relief to realize that characteristics such as these, while possibly annoying to others, are not really harmful.  In fact, just being our secret selves in full view of the world can make for marvelous conversation among those watching us.  We might well serve as their cherry topping on an otherwise listless day.  After all, isn’t reality TV fascinating because we can safely view people revealing their own ridiculous nature?  Would I rather see Tom Cruise in another action movie or watch someone have a melt down in a pawn shop?  One gets twenty million dollars or so for just showing up for work.  The one getting my vote has had all the bleeping bleep she’s going to take for one day.  She wants to see the bleeping manager.  I’m with you sister.  I know exactly how you feel.  Bleep them anyway.

Did anyone notice she had a green streak in her hair?  Actually it looked pretty good, didn’t it?  She’s making a statement.  This is who I am.  I’m a lucky charm… usually.  Pity you caught me at a moment such as this.  I meant well.  Look!  I have shamrocks on my shoes.


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