Sunday, December 8, 2013

Good Morning Jack...

Letter to my Son
Sunday, 8 December

C a d e

Cade couldn't find his car so he figured it had been stolen and, for now, he’d leave it at that.  He’d been drinking pretty heavy the night before at a bar that must have served food.  Cade figured that out because when he went to leave he couldn't find the exit and he wound up in what looked to be a kitchen.  The people stopped what they were doing and Cade just mumbled “Can’t find my way out” before a big man came to escort him to the street.  Somehow he must have walked his way home because here he was in his own room, just like always.  He put himself together and went out into the morning to bring the car back.  The trouble was he couldn't find where he had been until he found the car.  That’s the way it worked.  He spent a good deal of time walking up and down streets, having no luck.  So he decided it must have been stolen.  It wouldn't surprise anyone.  It was that kind of neighborhood.  Too bad, really.  He didn't have insurance.  The good news was he was a few payments behind to the bank and it wouldn't be long before it was gone anyway.  So, good riddance. 

Cade found a phone and called Janice.

“Here’s the deal, Honey.  The car’s been stolen but I’ve still got the U-Haul.”
“What about Wyoming?”
“Looks like that’s out for now, doesn't it?”
“Yeah, whatever.  Look, we going to the zoo today, or what?”
“Sure we are, so long as you don’t mind riding in a truck.”

Cade knew Janice wouldn't care.  She’d put up with a lot worse in the years she’d spent with him.  A woman could only put up with so many meals of pinto beans topped with Thousand Island dressing before she decided she was due greener pastures.  Now here she was with Bill.  He had a steady job, a real home and a nice car.  They went out and spent money on Friday and Saturday nights, just like real couples do.  It was a good setup for her except it turned out Bill was a mean drunk and that caused problems.  All and all, though, Janice figured she’d never had it so good.  She was determined she’d make it work.  Cade wished her well, and meant it, because his plans never included her, anyway.  She was a crazy chick and, once he’d worked his way through this rough spot, she would have just been in the way.  There was a time when Cade and Janice were only for each other.  They’d be up all hours of the night talking the real talk you couldn't make with anyone else.  It was a short-lived incandescence.  What they discovered about each other wasn’t nearly as important as what it is they thought about themselves.  They were headed for different horizons.  Janice could always touch and feel what she wanted.  Cade always knew whatever he sought couldn't be here.

“I got us a joint.”
“Janice, you've just made my day.”
“So I figured.”
“What’s better than seeing an elephant totally stoned?”
“How about a giraffe?  God must have been toking when he came up with that design.”
“Laughing his ass off the whole while.”
“Yeah, well he saved his best laugh when he created us.”
“You talking about you and me or are we now considering the whole human race?”
“What’s the difference?”
“Blow me and I’ll let you know.”
“If you can find it I will.”

Cade laughed and farted.

“Farts of Fury”, he choked out through his laughter.
“We talking the original movie or the sequel?”
“Let me think.  It’s the sequel – ‘No longer silent but just as deadly’”.
“Get out of here.”

After a time Cade and Janice moved to the patio with a bag of Doritos in hand.  They sat at the table with a large umbrella stuck through its center and starred at the birds flitting about their feet.  Janice had crumbled a chip and tossed it about the ground and now there were little birds hopping all around them. 

“So how about the zoo?”
“How about Saturday?”
“Jesus, Cade.  Why you here?  It’s now.”
“Aren’t we having a good time?”
“You know, you’re an ass.  You never carry through with anything.  You ever figure that?  I should have known.  You smoke a joint, you plant roots.  Zombie man.  Hey everyone, look at the Zombie Man sitting here under several layers of dust.”
“Hey Janice, we’re going.  I’m just messing with you.”
“Stop screwing with me – Loser.”
“You hurt my feelings, Janice.  I love you Janice.  No one hurts my feelings as good as you.”
“Shut up.”
“You taking your camera?”
“Always – binoculars, too.”
“You’re beautiful Janice.”
“You’re stoned.  Let’s go.”

Cade thought how beautiful she was.  They would have a good time at the zoo.  Tomorrow he would find his car.  He would move to Wyoming.  The sky was so magnificent there.  Things were finally coming together.  It was just a matter of time.  He knew it would all come true.

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