Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good Morning Jack

Letter to my Son
Sunday, 15 February

Good Morning Jack…

The NAACP held an event at the North Carolina capital, Raleigh.  It was Saturday, Valentine’s Day.  The weather was cold but nothing like what had been predicted.

Our group, the Cabarrus County NAACP, went to the rally by bus.  Some of us slept along the way.

It was a six block walk to the capital building from our rallying point.

People from chapters around the state came to hear their concerns addressed.

Small children were part of the mix and they were tended to.

If you like watching people this was the place to be.

There were a surprising number of different groups that showed up and joined in.

It was a festive occasion – not like dancing in the street, but people were having a good time.

Folks everywhere were taking pictures of each other.  Oh, isn’t the Coal Ash group a colorful lot.  I've just got to have a picture.

The union guys staked out a territory and held to it.

Dr. Barbee, state NAACP head, gave a strong, gospel-infused speech.

It’s good to periodically have people with a common view come together.  We find out who’s who and what’s what.  This year people spoke of issues with gravity but short of alarm.  People were friendly.  It is as if we are all born amiable and good-natured.  Pack up all your cares and woes… sugar’s sweet, so is she.  Valentine’s is a terrible day for a serious political rally.


© Tom Taylor

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