Friday, April 8, 2016

good morning Christa

Mother Archie's Church

Andrew Wyeth crafts realism with a very limited palette, 
somehow infusing into his Yankee dryness 
a good deal of emotional depth.  
That's my written answer to a test question.

I'm reminded of Chagall, in black and white.

Why art?

Are you really asking, is it worth it?

It's for each of us to decide individually.
I don't know I ever decided.  
That's an impediment to conviction.
The fact is, though, this is what I'm drawn to,
no matter what I think.
I gain most from this particular process of doing.
It has to do with my makeup.  This is who I am.
I can pick my choices apart and find flaws everywhere.
Knowing who I am and knowing my personal drawbacks
hasn't much budged my course.
I'm where I'm meant to be,
despite my choice.

How much of life is fighting natural inclinations?

©  Tom Taylor

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