Sunday, April 3, 2016

good morning Jessicca

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

A bit up the road from Kill Devil Hill
where the Wright brothers set up shop.

Their first powered flight was a short hop,
just to make sure things worked.

There were four flights that day
with Orville and Wilbur alternating.

The morning was early.
There was a breeze.

Orville held the stick with his left and
grabbed tight the plane with his right.

Small wings in front controlled up and down.
Shifting your hips in a cradle gave it left and right.

The tail looks like a ship's rudder
because it works the same way.

This track gives you sixty feet to get off the ground.

Townspeople were there.
They often chipped in.

John Daniels was given the camera
and snapped his first-ever photo

capturing a moment in history.


©  Tom Taylor

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