Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tim Huelskamp

Tea Party Caucus member

Tim Huelskamp

Congressman                                        1st District, Kansas                   Republican
Elected 2010

Veterans’ Affairs

Congressman bumped from Committee Assignments

Republican House Steering Committee has removed Congressman Huelskamp from both the Budget and Agriculture Committees, announced on 3 December, 2012.  This is believed to be the Republican House leaderships response to Tim Huelskamp’s relatively frequent voting against Speaker John Boehner’s and committee chairmen’s desires.

“No good deed goes unpunished.  We were not notified about what might occur but it confirms in my mind the deepest suspicions that most Americans have about Washington D.C:  it’s petty, it’s vindictive, and if you have conservative principles you will be punished.
We've heard from multiple sources that someone walked in with a list of votes and said if you didn't reach a particular scorecard of what was considered the right vote, which by the way was not the conservative position, then they were going to remove you from the committee.”
Tim Huelskamp

“The GOP leadership might think they have silenced conservatives, but removing me and others from key committees only confirms our conservative convictions.”
Tim Huelskamp

“It’s pretty disappointing, and it’s a way of relegating the Republican Party to permanent minority status.  They like to say they’re conservative… but when you go to Washington and you say, ‘You know what, that’s what we stand for,’ they punish those voices.”
Tim Huelskamp

“Congressmen Schweikert, Huelskamp and Amash are now free of the last remnants of establishment leverage against them.  The dirty little secret in Congress is that while refusing to kowtow to the wishes of party leaders can sometimes cost you some perks in Washington, the taxpayers back home are grateful.”
Chris Chocola, President – Club for Growth

“My guess is my constituents are going to be mad as a hornet about it.  And they’re not gonna punish me.  They’re gonna say, ‘ We've had enough of Washington.’ 
It’s not like the House of 20 years ago where the speaker can tell you, ‘Sit down and shut up’ and you only had three outlets to counter that.  There’s all kinds of things out there.”
Tim Huelskamp

Year                 Candidate                     Vote                                         Campaign Chest

2010                Tim Huelskamp (R)      142,281  74%                          1,185,350
                         Alan Jilka (D)                  44,068  23                                 162,130
                         Jack Warner (Lib)             6,537    3

2010 primary    Tim Huelskamp (R)        34,819  35%
                           Jim Barnett (R)               25,047  25
                           Tracey Mann (R)             21,161  21
                           Rob Wasinger (R)            9,296    9
                           Sue Boldra (R)                  7,892    8

Lib       Libertarian Party

Population 2010:                      655,310
Change since 2000:                 down 2.5%

Urban:                                      52%
Rural:                                       48

Median Age:                            39 years
Over 65:                                   16%
Under 18:                                 24

High School Graduate:             86%
College Graduate:                     20
Graduate Degree:                       6

Median Income:                          43,017
Median Home Value:                  84,100                      

Private Employment:                 72%
Government Employment:         18
Self Employed:                           10
Blue Collar:                              27
White Collar:                            53

White:                                      80%
Black:                                         2
Hispanic:                                  15
Asian                                          1

2008 Presidential Vote:
John McCain (R) -                    184,501           69%
Barack Obama (D) -                  79,638           30

2004 Presidential Vote:
George W. Bush (R) -            199,554           72%
John Kerry (D) -                        73,309           27

Tim Huelskamp

Career:                         Farmer, rancher

Elected Office:            Kansas Senate, 1997 – 2010

                                    2005:  authored state’s anti-gay marriage amendment
                                    2003:  removed from state Ways and Means Committee
                                                - ostensibly because would not work with leadership
College:                      Doctorate in Political Science – focus on agriculture policy

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