Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Justin!

Letter to my Son

Happy Birthday Justin!

                              The drawing is Navajo and on it [has an inscription to you.]

It’s a transitional drawing for me.  I got it done yesterday – just in time.  Ka- ching!  I just put a house on Park Place and a nickel in the piggybank. 

This is an important time for the family.  You’re the youngest of three boys.  I’m sure the three of you and your sister are taking good care of your mother.  I know your mother pretty well so I can say she keeps her docket filled with many things to do.  When she’s home it is up to you guys to make sure she’s not overdoing it with work around the house.  I needn't bring it up though, do I?  I can imagine you big guys taking care of her.

I always figured you to be the kid in uniform, waving along the sidelines and saying “Hi Mom!”  You’ve been that kind of kid since you learned to walk.  You couldn’t have been more than three when your sister teased you, saying:  “Manny Ramirez is no longer with the Red Sox.”  You cried.  This is a few years before it actually became true.  You were the kid in T-Ball that ran from short stop to right field to help chase a ball.  You couldn’t imagine why they would want you to stick to one position.  My last memory of you was of a big-hearted boy with spaghetti stains on your shirt.  That image goes a long way.

Happy Birthday, Justin!


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