Saturday, January 17, 2015

t h u r b e r

There is a large fictional river outside a small desert town out west.  I was the uninvited companion of a former wife as she crossed the bridge on her personal journey.  Once across I decided to go back and retrieve something that was lost.  I planned to catch up with her later but I was waylaid by events. 

I remember having a confrontation among some large lily pads with one of my children.  Finally, he left to join his mother.  I found a lost watch.  On its face was a splendid animation of molecules welling up from a nuclear furnace.  Later I found myself within the labyrinth of a great university library.  The book I opened had no words.  With difficulty I found my way to the exit.

Now I am at a dance among sophomores.  How ridiculous I am to think of winning the heart of one of these young ladies.  I hurry out the door where bikes stand waiting among the racks and I awake in the evening light.

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