Sunday, March 1, 2015

Good Morning Justin

Letter to my Son
Sunday, 1 March

Good Morning Justin…

We had our annual snowfall Thursday.  The landscape was delicately basted with busted Laundromat suds.  Schools closed as did many small businesses so that children and adults of all ages could admire their surroundings.

There’s no place like home in a storm.  Actually, in the South a hurricane is a storm.  Snow is a holiday.

The magnolia took on a new look. 

There was only silence and stillness in the forest.

Thursday really was quite a show – Festival on Ice.

I hope you’re working hand and foot tending to every want and need of family members.  It builds character.  Say amen.  Now give this fine lad a generous laugh.  And as a bonus for appearing we’re awarding you the family game version of this email.


© Tom Taylor

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