Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good Morning Justin

Letter to  my Son
Sunday, 29 March

Good Morning Justin…

I’m not one to find a reason to stop long in Las Vegas.  I feel similar about Myrtle Beach.  Both places, though, are wildly popular.  On that basis alone they serve a real need.  And then there's the pleasure of finding colorful people at colorful places.

Some days seem far richer than others. 

He’s walking up a hill away from the downtown library.  His satchel filled with books. 

Occasionally the rug gets pulled out from under us.  If we are lucky we discover that falling on our ass doesn’t hurt as bad as we thought.

Sort of having a good time in an odd sort of way.

Every time I write a letter I wonder how big to blow up the balloon.  I suppose it deserves to be no bigger than the thoughts I have to give.  A letter need only express a simple feeling to make it worthwhile.  Each letter I send always starts with I’m thinking of you.


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