Sunday, July 11, 2021

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The hundred years prior to 1914 brought
peace, prosperity and unprecedented progress
in all form of human endeavor in Europe.


great achievements in engineering 

a civilized society that was the envy of the world

Albert Einstein

Great imaginings having to do with

the speed of light and the

true nature of mass were woven

into our sense of existence and

described to all using the strange 

language of numbers.

Franz Ferdinand Assassinated

The final folly of monarchical rule was acted out

following the murder of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke.

One after the other the reigning powers of the 

nineteenth century found themselves at war

with one another for reasons no more compelling

than fulfilling contractual obligations 

of one's alliance.

First World War

It was a war where nothing went right.
An entire generation was bled from society
in France and Britain.  They were also bankrupt.
And to what purpose.  The bitter truth was
Germany appeared better positioned for
future dominance despite its recent defeat
than either of the war's two victors.


Empires collapsed as war brought an end 

to an old order that had long ruled Europe.

Four years of carnage, starvation and other

war-related deprivations spread political

instability through much of the continent.


Compromise in the resulting peace settlement 

was made impossible by the scale of sacrifice 

suffered by the victorious western allies.  

Blame need be set.  The defeated should pay.

Georges Clemenceau

Prime Minister, France 

France could never feel safe sharing 

their border with a strong Germany.

Security against future attacks would

require crushing the German state.

David Lloyd George
Prime Minister, Britain

There must be a balance of power among

the nations of Europe if war is to be avoided.

Peace is maintained so long as there is

a near-equality in strength between two 

opposing forces in a faceoff.

Morality is not the overriding concern.

Woodrow Wilson
President, USA

The League of Nations is to act as

the World's court - rendering the verdict

as to which party has broken the peace.

All nations will rise united in opposition

to the nation guilty of aggression against

its neighbor.

Wall Street

Following the First World War New York

became the world's financial capitol.

Wall Street's crash reverberated about 

the globe, helping to bring down

struggling democracies in both

Germany and Japan.


following the war to end all wars:

defeat... revolution... inflation...
economic depression... dictatorship...
the settling of scores

another world war


Industrial methods put to new uses.




©  Tom Taylor


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