Sunday, July 4, 2021

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  A.     Japan

  B.     Korea

  C.     Manchukuo

  D.     China - occupied by Japan

  E.     Philippines - USA

  F.     French Indochina

 G.     Dutch East Indies

  H.     British Empire - Asia 


A.     Japan     

Newly industrialized Japan will no longer accept

the role of junior partner both on the world stage

and in running the affairs of their own back yard.


B.     Korea

Korea entered the 20th Century when

Japan took control of the peninsula in 1910,

bringing with it modern industrial methods.



C.     Manchukuo

The last emperor of China, Puyi, became

Emperor Kangde of Manchukuo, a puppet

state formed by Japan following its invasion

of Manchuria in 1934. 

D.     China

China's warring leaders, Chiang Kai-Shek and

Mao Zedong, set aside their differences in order

to focus on fighting their common enemy, Japan. 

Civil war resumed with Japan's surrender and

Chairman Mao would go on to become founder

of the People's Republic of China. 



E.     Philippines

America had a naval presence in the Philippines,

meant to put the brakes on Japanese ambitions

for southeast Asia's wealth of strategic minerals,

petroleum and rubber. 



F.     French Indochina

Then too there are the strategic harbors along

the coast of French Indochina - a gift from Hitler

to the Japanese once Paris fell the summer of 1940. 

G.     Dutch East Indies

All that oil shipped from Asian shores to

who knows where, and all for the benefit

of wealthy Dutch investors.  They have

little military to speak of, so what law is it

that enables them to haul off another

people's wealth? 





H.     British Empire - Asia

The colonial era ended late in 1941.  An Asian 

power beat the Western nations at their own game -

 technological innovation and industrialization.

This from an island nation having none of the 

natural resources needed to fuel a modern




All the while Roosevelt has committed

the US to a high-stakes bluff by moving

the Pacific Fleet three thousand miles 

west from San Diego to Pearl Harbor -

chips now at the center of the table for

poker player Admiral Yamamoto to consider. 





©  Tom Taylor


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