Sunday, October 3, 2021

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Asia for Asians

The question:

Who has first right to benefit from Asian resources?

Resource rich South China Sea

Europe's claim to this great wealth

is that they took it by force.  The colonial legalese

is that military power is a legitimate means of 

relieving a region's people of their inheritance. 

Dutch Crown Jewel

Where would the Netherlands be 


without the Dutch East Indies?

Meanwhile, the Japanese are asking themselves:

What are they doing here in the first place?

The last Dutch ruler of East Indies


Difficult giving up exalted status

These guys can't quite imagine what is soon to head their way.

Plan of Attack

Asia for Asians!

Not quite.

Turns out Japan's new economic society was, in fact,

more of the colonial same, but with Japanese flair.

2,000 year old China dynasty ends




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