Sunday, November 7, 2021

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In a land east of the Poles

Vikings from Sweden

would discover a people 

to be known as Slavonics 

in a place the Vikings 

would name Russ.


were made up of three

separate peoples

each with their own

language and culture.


were among the many ethnic tribes

that overpowered and subjugated

the Russians - vulnerable

because they chose to confront

their enemy with a divided force,

each providing a separate defense

rather than a united whole.

rule of the steppes:

land belongs to you

so long as you fight

to keep it and win


a parade of conquerors 

over the centuries

dispense their various ways,

leaving behind them their own

brand of royal flourishes and 

peasant scars.

What a relief with the day

that Russians found a ruler

who was truly one among them -

a leader to unite us all.

Long Live the Tsar!

Imperial Russia

expands as its own power grows

first west into Poland

then south to Persia

and sweeping east through

Siberia all the way to 

the Bering Sea.

Russia's disastrous loss to Germany

in World War I further scandalized

Tsarist rule and the general population

rose up to overthrow the

incompetent Romanov dynasty.  

A fragile parliamentary democracy

formed to replace the Tsar.

Strength of purpose 

contributed to Bolshevik success

in overturning western-style democracy

and replacing it with the Soviet Union -

a Communist government based

on the teachings of Marx

and the leadership of Lenin.

Karl Marx


universal brotherhood

everyone works for

the betterment of all

Josef Stalin


takes power upon Lenin's death.

We all love the teachings of Marx

but Sunday School is out.

Our workers' paradise will first

require busting some heads

along the way.


Stalin gave most everyone

reason to fear him as he

jealously protected the 

absolute extent of his power.

Stalin's inner circle had good reason

to want him dead.  His suspicions

had murderous consequences.

Any sign indicating you're a

threat to Stalin results in your

arrest and probable execution.

Your family shares your fate

unless, of course, 

you sign a confession of guilt.

Millions of Russians disappeared 

following their arrest for treason

on what may be no more

than an accusation from a

malicious someone wanting

you out of the way.

Hitler closely watched all this

domestic tumult from nearby Germany

and saw an opportunity to strike

his most hated foe.

Stalin's worst nightmare materialized

as a three million man army collected

up against the Russian border.

There was no peaceful explanation

for this concentration of power and

Stalin wasn't ready.  It would take

at least another year of building 

before the Soviet army could

hope to halt a German assault on

Moscow, destroying the globe's

one effort at a communist society.




©  Tom Taylor


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