Saturday, June 1, 2024

Iron Ore


 German military production soars as war with France looms.

 Gallivare is Germany's prime source for iron. 

Much of the ore Germany needs to produce steel

comes from these Swedish iron fields. With the harbor

at Lulea closed in winter the Arctic port of Narvik becomes

Germany's sole means of reaching this strategic metal.


First Lord and Prime Minister probe for German weakness.

As head of the Royal Navy Winston Churchill plots

the takeover of Narvik by British troops, cutting Germany's 

link with Swedish ore.  Narvik's capture by Britain 

would deprive Germany of a staple of industry.

Raeder - an admiral among generals.

Britain is astir.  This sudden surge of radio traffic.  

Troops are seen assembling.  Transports all, on the move.

Admiral Raeder suspects the British have designs

on Norway.  Closing Norway's coastline to German

navigation is unacceptable.  The Fuhrer must be warned.

Hitler needs Norway to stay neutral.

The Fuhrer is currently planning his attack on France.

There isn't time for some military diversion against Norway.

Raeder is to keep Hitler apprised of British moves but,

otherwise, don't bother him with fearful speculation.

 German prison ship discovered by RAF reconnaissance.

It's the Altmark, supply vessel for the Graf Spee.  It has 

been steaming for Germany, closely pursued by the Royal

 Navy.  A British destroyer boards the cornered vessel 

in this tiny fjord.  Three hundred British prisoners found 

onboard are freed.  

Hitler is alarmed.  Britain openly violated the coastal

waters of Norway but Oslo doesn't appear outraged.

  Their sentiments are not neutral.  Germany cannot

tolerate its northern flank dominated by the enemy.

German invasion force slips by Royal Navy.

Preoccupied with the search for large warships

the Home Fleet from Scapa Flow totally ignored

the small fry German transports and destroyers

that steamed up the Norwegian coast.

Admiral Raeder is about to deliver 10,000 

German troops to all major Norwegian ports


* * * * * 

©  Tom Taylor



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