Saturday, June 29, 2024

War Lord



N A T I O N A L     S U R V I V A L

Blitzkrieg has vulnerable flanks.

It's a long neck.  Cut off the head.

Very quickly your tank attack runs out of gas

and ammo.  Without supply your armored punch

becomes state of the art junk.  Useless.

British and French forces had the chance

for such a successful counterattack but their

lack of organization squandered the opportunity. 

Germans are believers in big surprises.

They head fake the Royal Navy outside Norway

and now French forces feel like they are shooting

at targets in a fun house mirror.  The threat

in front of you has suddenly become the threat

 to your rear.  The result is catastrophic.
  Party over.

Arsenal of Democracy

How does Britain defeat Hitler?

"I shall drag the United States in"  says Churchill.

The US Army is minuscule in size but Uncle Sam 

is truly the industrial giant Daddy Warbucks.

Already across the Atlantic shipyards are awakening

and factories expanding.  Soon the workers used

to assembling Chevys will instead build tanks,

planes, trucks and other implements of war.

Marx provides Stalin his strategy.

 "A war is on between two groups of capitalist countries.

Hitler, without understanding it or desiring it, is shaking

and undermining the capitalist system.  We can 

maneuver, pit one side against the other to set them

fighting with each other as fiercely as possible."

Stalin to his aids prior to Poland.

FDR runs for third term.

Roosevelt knows war will one day come to America.

The voters want nothing to do with the war in Europe.

The war to end all wars ended just twenty year ago

and now... here we are again.  Foolishness.

I can't get ahead of the voters, Franklin says.

You'll just have to wait, Winston.

* * * * * 

©  Tom Taylor



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