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German flotilla heads for Narvik.

Ten destroyers slipped from the small German harbor

of Wesermunde, near the border with Denmark.

Their mission was to capture Narvik, preventing

British disruption of iron ore meant for Germany.

Troops target all main Norwegian ports.

Each destroyer was transporting 200 fully equipped

German infantry.  Norwegian ports targeted for attack

included Oslo, the capital, Bergen and Trondheim -

besides the small town of Narvik, nearly 1,200 

miles away.

Attacks everywhere begin 9 April, 0500hrs.

Everyone needs to be in place, ready to launch

the attack at the appointed hour.  Surprise here

is the key to success.  German forces are small.

They need to catch the Norwegian militia off guard.

German battleships provide destroyer protection.

Two German battleships provide the necessary firepower

to ward off most anything other than a mano y mano tussle

with their British counterparts.

The cruiser Admiral Hipper is an unpleasant welcome.

Three of the destroyers are dropped off for their attack

on Trondheim.  The group is stumbled upon by the

British destroyer Glowworm.  It's 5 inch guns are

no match for the radar directed broadsides coming

 from the cruiser Admiral Hipper, here to protect 

the Trondheim landing force.

HMS Glowworm is ablaze bow to stern.

An apparent defenseless wreck, the Glowworm

veers full force into the hull of the Hipper.  The 

cruiser must return to Germany for repairs but 

Glowworm's damage is catastrophic.  It quickly

turns belly-up, then sinks, taking most of the crew

to the bottom with it.


But the alarm has now been sounded.

* * * * * 

©  Tom Taylor




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