Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Su-27 Flanker



This long range fighter demonstrates its high performance in this 872 x 1184 photo from Deviant Art.

Crew:                    1

Power:                   2 - Saturn/Lyulka AL-31F turbofan
                                    12,516 kg / 27,557 lb

Max. Speed:         2,500 kph / 1,553 mph
Ceiling:                 18,011 m / 59,055 ft
Range:                  3,680 km / 2,285 miles
Climb:                   18,312 m / 60,040 ft per minute

Weight -
Empty:                  16,380 kg / 36,110 lb
Max. Take Off:     33,000 kg / 72,750 lb

Size -
Wingspan:            14.7 m / 48 ft 3 in
Wing Area:           62 sq m / 6678 sq ft
Length:                 21.94 m / 72 ft
Height:                  5.93 m / 19 ft 6 in

                           1 - 30 mm / 1.18 in cannon
                           10 - hardpoints for air-to-air missiles, up to 10
                                  AA-8 "Aphids"

This photo I identified as a  Sukhoi Su-27 is in fact a MiG 29M.  For a good explanation on the differences between the two aircraft you should read the comments below.  I am always grateful for the information I receive from you.  Your sources often prove better than mine.  Thank you.  Picture source:  1680 x 1050 image from eWallpapers.

                                           Russian Knights Performance Team

From Deviant Art comes this 940 x 689 image of precision piloting with the Su-27.

                                                    Do you read Russian?

The Su-27 in high design with Russian text provided by Deviant Art at 900 x 563.

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  1. in the second picture there is not a su-27 ,it is a mig-29m also called mig-35.

  2. A pilot in the ex eastern soviet bloc :)January 5, 2012 at 7:39 AM

    In the 1680 x 1050 is a Mig-29M(Mig-35).The main difference between a Mig-29 and a Su-27 is that in reality Mig-29 it's much smaller than Su-27 because it's a light fighter aircraft like F-16.But in a picture you can make the difference between them by looking at the backside of the aircraft,on the belly, near the engines, Su-27 has aerodynamic stabilizators and Mig-29 doesn't.And another difference is that Su-27 has wingtips on which, usually it carries R-73(air to air short range missiles)or radar jamming pods and mig-29 doesn't have wingtips.And the Su-27 has 14 hardpoints, 5 on each wing,including the wingtips,2 hardpoints on the engines and 2 between the engines.Mig-29M(Mig-35) has only 9 hardpoints 4 on each wing and 1 between the engines,and a standard Mig-29 has only 7 hardpoints, 3 on the each wing and 1 between the engines.