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MiG 25

MiG 25 Foxbat


                                              MiG 25 reveals air-to-air missiles

Wallpapers Only has this 1024 x 768 MiG 25 banking away image.

Crew:                    1

Power:                   2 - Tumansky R-31 turbojet engines
                                    11,000 kg / 24,250 lb afterburning thrust

Max. Speed:         2,975 kph / 1,848 mph
Ceiling:                 24,385 m / 80,000 ft
Range:                  1,125 km / 700 miles
Climb:                   15,240 m / 50,000 ft per minute

Weight -
Empty:                  20,000 kg / 44,090 lb
Max. Take Off:     36,200 kg / 79,800 lb

Size -
Wingspan:            13.95 m / 45 ft 9 in
Wing Area:           56.83 sq m / 611.7 sq ft
Length:                 23.82 m / 78 ft 1.75 in

                           4 - air-to-air missiles on external pylons
                                AA-6 Acrid air-to-air missiles, 4 typical
                               2 - AA-7 Apex and 2 - AA-8 Aphid
                                    air-to-air missiles

                                                Air-to-Air missile arrangement

Alexandru Vlad has identified the above jet as a MiG 31 and not the MiG 25 as I previously believed.  See his comment below for his full explanation.  The 1200 x 800 image above is from Poder Aereo, a Brazilian site in Portuguese.  Your browser should provide translation.  The missile arrangement differs from that specified above.  Published specifications involving military aircraft are seldom rigid or exact.

                                                  Two cockpit training version

Wikipedia has this 1023 x 681 double cockpit MiG 25 image.  At 78 feet (almost 24 meters) even the single cockpit version is longer than an 18 wheeled U.S. commercial truck.


Guess what happened at work today?  Riding a rocket powered chair from a speeding aircraft is not short on thrills.  The 1024 x 768 image from Operator Chan is grainy but try finding another like this.  The MiG is in level flight and the pilot remains in place so what is the trainer thinking?  The picture provides only questions.

                                                           MiG 25 cockpit

There's no room for anything but business in one of these cockpits.  This 684 x 1036 image is from Photobucket.

                                                        Interceptor mode

Wai Le Model provides this 1024 x 738 illustrator's view of MiG 25s rising to intercept.

                                                        Parachute assist

It's physics.  Something this large, this fast is going to need help stopping before the runway ends.  This 1200 x 800 image is from the Russian Air Force which is a great resource for aviation photos.

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  1. In the "1200 x 800" picture (the third pic)is a Mig-31 not a Mig-25.The difference between them is that Mig-31 has a shorter nose than Mig-25 and does not have wing tips.In the picture you can also observe that on the belly under the cockpit there is a grey pod.That grey pod is "infrared search and tracking (IRST)" system integrated in "Zaslon S-800" radar.That radar you can find it only on Mig-31

  2. The explanation for the "Eject" picture is very simple: It's a testbed for ejection seats