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1953 Buick 
General Motors
C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E

The '53 Roadmaster Skylark above was strictly limited edition with a cost of five thousand dollars, forty percent more than other Buicks.  Its dramatic low beltline sculpting, round wheel wells, chopped windshield and no portholes set it apart from all other Buicks offered that year.
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1953:  The Korean War ends, Stalin dies, Elizabeth II is crowned and Eisenhower is inaugurated President.  Mount Everest is finally scaled, the Polio vaccine becomes available, Watson and Crick reveal the DNA Double Helix model and Marilyn Monroe is on the cover of the first Playboy.  It's the year of the first James Bond novel - Casino Royale, the Corvette comes out and you can buy the first color TV for $1,175.
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  • Average Income                  4,000
  • Home                                 9,550
  • Car                                    1,650
  • Gas                                    0.20 / gallon
  • NFL Champion                    Detroit Lions
  • World Series                       New York Yankees (5 in a row)
  • Best Picture                       From Here to Eternity
  • Best Actor                          William Holden - Stalag 17
  • Best Actress                      Audrey Hepburn - Roman Holiday
  • Best Selling Book               The Robe - Lloyd C. Douglas
  • Top Song                           Money Honey - The Drifters

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1953 Buick Skylark
  • Engine:  V-8
  • Displacement:  322 cid
  • Bore and Stroke:  4.00 x 3.20
  • Horsepower:  188
  • Compression ratio:  8.5 : 1
  • Carburetor:  2 bbl

Cost and lack of sales ended the wood-trimmed station wagon for Buick.  Overall Buick retained its fourth position in sales, ahead of lesser priced Pontiac and Oldsmobile, which came in fifth and sixth, respectively.
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The Skylark was three times the price of most new cars and half the price of a new home.  You didn't have to be wealthy to own one, just comfortably situated.  Total sales for the year were just under 1700.  It was Buick's Golden Anniversary limited edition special.
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1953 Buick Wildcat Concept Car

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The wraparound windshield shown here became standard on most 1954 General Motors cars the following year.  The Wildcat name of this concept car would soon be used to identify the performance model of Buick in a few short years.

The grill of the '53 Buick was as much a trademark as its side portholes.  
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