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Dodge Charger

1969 Dodge Charger
C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E

The Charger above comes with the optional 426 cubic inch Hemi V-8, producing 425 horse power.  For an additional $196 you could include an AM radio with 8-Track Stereo.  Factory price for a car such as this ran close to $4,000.  This was a time when the average wage was $6,887 a year.  At $132 per week, before taxes, you're going to work a week and a half to pay for the radio with 8-Track.  If you're making close to minimum wage - $1 an hour... forget about it.  You're taking the bus.
Picture:  480 x 640 - Mopar Muscle

The stripe across the tail indicated the R/T - Road / Track - model with a 440 cubic inch V-8 and 4-barrel carburetor standard.  Factory price was $3,592.  If you're young and can't afford it maybe that's for the best.  You won't be able to pay the speeding tickets and insurance, either.  But then who needs insurance?
Picture:  720 x 479 - Car Gurus

R/T with hidden headlamps

Because NASCAR required at least 500 production models to be made in order for a car to qualify for racing Dodge sold the Charger 500, which had a flush grille in place of the recessed one seen above and a flush-mounted rear glass for better aerodynamics.  
Picture:  1280 x 960 - Muscle Car Wallpaper

Charger 500

Power:                    426-cid Hemi V-8 @ 425 hp

Transmission:        TorqueFlite 3 speed Automatic Transmission
                                3.23 : 1 gearing
                                13.80 second / 105.01 mph - Quarter Mile

                                4 speed Manual Transmission (no charge substitute for automatic)
                                4.10 : 1 gearing
                                13.48 second / 109 mph - Quarter Mile

You want power windows, buy a Buick.  For a few extra bucks you can get the SE package that includes all kinds of wood trim, but why would you?  It's bad enough settling for an automatic when the whole point is being part of the machine.  It's like a fighter pilot trading in his parachute for a joystick and a cubicle in order to fly a Predator.    
Picture:  640 x 480 at 300 dpi - Popular Hot Rodding

Picture:  640 x 480 at 180 dpi - TJ's American Hot Rods
  • Overhead valve with hemispherical segment combustion chambers  
  • Cast-iron block
  • Displacement:  426 cid
  • Bore and stroke:  4.25 x 3.75 inches
  • Compression ratio:  10.25 : 1
  • Brake hp:  425 @ 5000 rpm
  • Taxable hp:  57.80
  • Torque:  490 @ 4000 rpm
  • Five main bearings
  • Hydraulic valve lifters
  • Carburetor:  2 - Carter AFB 3084-S four-barrel

Hood Scoop

Don't bother with a radar detector if you've got one of these trophies busting through your hood.  No one will ever believe you're within a stone's throw of the speed limit.  Speeding tickets are sold to you in a convenient discount pack of ten.
Picture:  575 x 431 - Motor Talk

General Lee

Picture:  800 x 600 at 96 dpi - Holley
  • Super Bowl III                    New York Jets
  • World Series                     New York Mets
  • Best Picture                      Midnight Cowboy
  • Best Actor                         John Wayne - True Grit
  • Best Actress                     Maggie Smith - Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
  • Highest Rated TV Show     Rowan & Martin's Laugh In
  • No. 1 Song                      Heard it through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
  • No. 1 Album                    White Album - Beatles
  • Best Selling Book            Portnoy's Complaint - Philip Roth
  • Dow Jones High               952
  • Politics                           Richard Nixon inaugurated


The Daytona is quickly recognized by its towering spoiler and fiberglass extended nose that droops for improved aerodynamic stability.  The NASCAR version won many races leading to its Hemi engine being outlawed in stock race competition.  
Picture:  1024 x 681 - Conceptcarz  

Extravagant and Politically Incorrect

Any thoughts of saving the Earth were drowned out by the squeal of smoking tires on asphalt as muscle cars became every man's Ferrari during the heady years of the 60s.  A couple of lawn chairs for the living room in place of wood furniture and you've about got the extra money needed for a down payment on one of these brutes.  Why not?  You spend the best part of your life in the car anyway.
Picture:  1024 x 681 at 300 dpi - Reddit  

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