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Flying Fortress

C L I C K     T O      E N L A R G E


The G model of the B-17 was improved with a chin gun, twin .50s facing the front beneath the bombardier's position.  It was a counter to German fighters flying straight toward the oncoming bomber and strafing the cockpit.   This 1024 x 768 image at 100 dpi is from Scenic Reflections.

Crew:                    10

Power:                   4 - Wright 1200 hp Cyclone R-1820-97 radial piston engines

Max. Speed:          462 kph / 287 mph
Ceiling:                 10,920 m / 35,800 ft
Range:                  3220 km / 2000 miles
Climb:                   427 m / 1400 ft per minute

Weight -
Empty:                 13,488 kg / 29,710 lb
Max. Take Off:    29,737 kg / 65,500 lb

Size -
Wingspan:           31.62 m / 103 ft 9 in
Wing Area:          131.92 sq m / 1420 sq ft
Length:                22.78 m / 74 ft 9 in
Height:                 5.82 m / 19 ft 1 in

                          Twin 12.7 mm / 0.5 in machine guns:  under nose
                                                                                     aft of cockpit
                                                                                     under center fuselage
                         12.7 mm / 0.5 in machine gun:            radio operator's hatch
                                                                                    2 waist positions
                         max. bomb load:                                 7990 kg / 17,600 lb

                                                          B-17 and B-24

The B-17 is seen flying here with America's other heavy bomber of World War II, the B-24 Liberator.  It's handling helped earn it the name Flying Boxcar.  This is a 1600 x 1200 picture from Wallpapers Web.  You might prefer using a photo editor to lighten the image.

                                                             B-17 Cutaway

Legends in Their Own Time provides this 1280 x 1024 illustrated cutaway of the Boeing bomber.


The cockpit of the Flying Fortress, a name given the B-17 by a reporter covering its introduction.  Had he flown in one over Germany he probably would have felt differently.  The image is 1737 x 1181 at 300 dpi and is available at Wikimedia.

                                            Damaged over Cologne, Germany

The B-17 was very vulnerable without fighter escort but it did have a reputation for taking a beating and still bringing its crew back to base.  This 1800 x 1199 image at 300 dpi is found at Wikipedia.

                                                             Field of Fire

This interesting model was used to help train German pilots on the best approaches to attacking the B-17.  The image is one of many available on the B-17 at Wikipedia.

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