Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cars of the 50s

C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E

The original design by Frank Hershey of a two seat luxury car lasted 3 years.
Picture:  1600 x 1200 at Vintage Car Lot Photographer.

The longer, lower look previews the cars of the sixties.
Picture:  1600 x 730, 300 dpi, at Luxuo.

A complete makeover into something sizzling from something frumpy began in 1955.
Picture:  1440 x 900 at Sport Car Wallpaper.

This definitive British roadster is the predecessor to the popular XKE of ten years later.
Picture:  1600 x 1200, 180 dpi, at Vintage Car Lot Photographer.

Dual lamps, side vents and more sculpting jazzed up the original Corvette.
Picture:  1024 x 768 at Wall Desk.

Strength, cost, durability and safety regulations all contributed to ending wood bodies.
Picture:  2048 x 1536, 300 dpi, at Free Wallpapers.

The top of the line Eldorado Convertible featured a wrapped windshield.
Picture:  1000 x 768 at Fast Cars. 

The 300 is free of the trim treatment garnished on other Chryslers.
Picture:  1209 x 768, 200 dpi, at Alabama Blogs.

For three years following 1957 Lincoln struggled with styling a large car.
Picture:  1200 x 554, 33 dpi, at Swapsale - scroll 1/3 down to find this one.
1959 Lincoln Continental

Like the Jaguar above the lines here are clean and classic.
Picture:  1024 x 768 at Dream Road.

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