Saturday, December 3, 2011


Puzzle, play and put together...

C L I C K     T O     E N L A R G E


This is actually one of those toys that transforms into something else.  It's a puzzle that has surprise for a punch line.  Once it's figured out it still has to be a toy or it's forgotten.  If the child wants Destructo - Ruler of the Underworld then this cute item turns into green beans and carrots.

                                                          Lance the Lion

He's got a mane but he's still a teddy bear.  Delves Wood Bears makes companions for small kids.  You're never alone when you've got the right stuffed animal.

                                                               Let's Build

There are every kind of construction sets for just about every age.  They reward imagination.  Of course, common sense applies.  They do have to be age appropriate or Little Einstein is left feeling frustrated and defeated.  The above wooden set is from Babyology.

                                                             Horse Power

Animals are good so long as it doesn't become, "Did anyone feed Rinny?"  Plastic farm animals, circus animals, gorillas and stuffed bears don't need much care.  They just need a place to go.  If they didn't come with a barn, get some blocks and the kids will make them one.  These horses and transports come from Rocking Horse Haven.

                                                          Honey Do Station

Kids look to do everything we do ...yeah.  There's a lot of toys celebrating our positive qualities.  You'll find workbenches, cooking ware, cars with hoods you can look under and the like.  The above happy Can Do! image comes from Transformers Toys For Sale.

                                                       Push Pedal Roadster

Go outside and burn off some energy!  Like that's going to happen lounging in a battery operated car.  Save some money.  Kids want to work their legs.  Peddle a car.  Ride a bike.  Climb a rope.  That's being a kid.  The above experience is from Southern Home Grown.

                                                             Life is Grand

You're a mouse buying a home from a bunny.  Captains of Industry started life thinking in these terms.  You can be a Cheshire Cat or a rainbow horse if you're three.  It's the happy, fun way of being introduced to the world.  The above real life adventure is from Bumble Kids.

                                                        Blocks are Timeless

You can't go wrong with blocks.  There's a set to fit the needs of any age.  Every executive should set aside his doodle pad and try a hand full of Legos' to work out his absentminded thoughts.  Of course, putting orange spiral pegs into green polka dot rings is best left to babies.  The above colorful set is from UK Shopping in Spain.

                                                    Choo Choo Management

Sure, it's a cute train set.  It's also a growing mind's first opportunity at planning, organization and crisis management.  Schooling doesn't have to be tedious.  This is where self-motivation begins.  The above image is provided by Vision Decor.

                                                           It's Complicated

Here's your opportunity to rigorously follow instructions and meet specifications or think outside the box and fulfill your own formulation.  Which would you find more rewarding?  People learn a lot about themselves acting out with toys.  The above imaginative device is posted at ZooLert.

                   COLD VALENTINE

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